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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Poetry : Frosty

Frosty, the ice that doused the flames,
Like the glacial trappings around Earth's rotund form;
Frosty, the eyes that snuffed the flames,
Like coldest stones set into gold buried under ice.

And frosted over are the panes of the windows,
Emulating the soft cascade of drapes falling over;
Casting out those who had tried to look within,
Tossed back into the crusty grounds of solid snow.

And frosted over are the last words laced with rime,
Spoken by tongues that tasted the saltiness of tears,
Leaving behind their watermarks like hints of grime,
Unmistakeably the softly cluttering of teeth, in fear.

And frosted over are the last shards of memories,
Shap-edged, chilly to the bones, yet gently soothing;
The debris that used to contain beautiful jewels,
Of hopes, dreams and promises are now melting.

Frosty, the beginnings of time has copulated with
The soft strains of songs unsung by frozen lips;
Its melody stabbing into the mind as if to engrave,
Etching within it the final crack of dawn they would see.

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