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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Manicure Session - color changing nails (again)

After the color-changing nails , from white to gray to black here, I decided to do the color-changing nails again, because :-

(i) It is fun to watch the colors changing
(ii) It is fun to show the astonishing changes to my friends and colleagues, especially the males who could not believe it absolutely
(iii) It is interesting

The color I had selected while browsing the palette was a dark plum / violet color, which I was told would turn pink when I am cold. However, the color turned out a shocking pink - shocking me, and I felt a little annoyed since I never, ever selected bright, flamboyant colors as such for clothes and makeup.

Yes, my friends who saw me with nails this color were puzzled as well.

In cold temperatures, I finally saw the change - into ombre tones of pink and purple. See, the darker hue was the hue I'd selected, and it was the hue painted on the nails palette.

Eventually, the nails all changed into this deep violet / plum shade, and I felt better.

Friends asked if this worked like those "Mood Rings" - but no, they change colors according to temperatures and not moods.

Some noted that it was weird how only the nails on some fingers change colors at times - I feel puzzled too. I mean, it couldn't be that some fingertips are colder or hotter than others, right? Assuming that I stay in a room and did not rub my fingers or hold warm / cold drinks with selected fingers.

Someone asked how much longer would the nails continue to change colors. Oh well, all the time - until I decide to remove this gel polish off.

So there we go. Look out for more colors to come!

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