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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Lunch at Sin Lee Foods Cafe

4 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee #01-165 Singapore 162004
Tel: 6377 3170

Been wanting to come to this old-fashioned, or stylishly dated coffeeshop for a while, ever since I hear recommendations on its fried chicke with waffles. Yes, I am a sucker for sinful food.

This is a cosy little cafe situated below a HDB block, converted from a coffeeshop literally, and still retaining its traditional beauty that will make one feel nostalgic.

Besides the faux brick walls, simple wooden tables and dangling light bulbs, this non-pretentious cafe retained the frosted window panes too.

The menu consisted of interesting items such as the item I was here for, as well as Truffled Potato Chips etc. The buddy and I had flavored Lemonades (Raspberry and Peach).

My Fried Chicken on Waffle (SGD$21.90) is exactly that, no more, no less. The iron waffle was crunchy with a soft, fluffy center, subtly saccharine with a very distinctive sweet odor to it. The crispy fried chicken was succulent and the taste was just right - though I was hoping it could be less moistened and crispier in a drier version. The touch of coleslaw was refreshing, acting as a palate cleanser (despite the mayo). Who would've thought that the combination of savoury on dessert could be this satisfying?

The Buddy's Soft Shell Toast (SGD$17.00) was served with toasted bread in lieu of buns - they should change their menu. Nonetheless, the toast was crispy and went well enough with the delicious soft shell crab and coleslaw - but toasted buns and toasted bread slices are two entirely different thing altogether. The very crispy fries were lightly salted, resplendent with potato's flavor and my buddy described them as "fresh".

Overall, the food here is not bad, really, a rather sinful indulgent for once in a blue moon. The service was rather efficient and the ambience delightful - the location is a little hard to get to though.

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