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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Lunch at Revolution Coffee @ Infinite Studios

21 Media Circle #01-03A, Singapore 138562
Tel: 6777 2110

When I was first asked to go for lunch at Infinite Studios Building, I had expected it to be a bland building with its own cafeteria or at best, a funky artsy fartsy cafe. Then I was assured that there were proper eateries, and I chanced upon Revolution Coffee (Cafe).

A quaint little cafe with a relaxing, hipster decor, this cafe is nearly the lifeblood (well, one out of two) of this building's inhibitants, supplying quality handcrafted coffee and casual meals and a nonchalant ambience so the busy executives could take a breather over meals / breaks.

While ordering at the counter, my eyes were actually drawn to the seemingly delectable desserts but as it was  a semi-formal lunch I decided to look demure and take up the recommendation of a savoury dish.

While waiting for our meals, we had coffee served to us. I had a Mocha (around SGD$6.00) - a lovely concoction of coffee and chocolate topped with a little foam and simple Latte art. The coffee had a nutty note to it, and was smooth on the palate.

*Angelica had the Latte (around $6.00) - the aromatic coffee flavor was so distinctive that we could taste it above and beyond its frothy layer of milk. She was right - they brew good coffee here.

My main course of Roast Beef Sandwich (around SGD$12.00) was served - with crispy toast clasping lush greens and tender beef slices topped with caramelized onion slivers. The beef slices were so thin they literally disappeared under the foliage of fresh greens, but one could easily detect the taste of the luscious red meat and chewy texture in the midst of the fresh sandwich.

*Angelica had the Mac & Cheese (around SDG$12.00) - a piping hot, gooey homely dish consisting of the rich combination of Mozarella, Cheddar and Parmesan. It was a small pot, but filling and delicious cheesy canopy atop softly baked macaroni. It was also a good choice, and one of the cafe's signature dishes.

Overall, the serene and unhurried ambience of this place was definitely a welcome change from the hustle-bustle of city's lunch crowds, making this place conducive for a relaxing lunch or business discussion.

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