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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Lunch at House of Robert Timms Bistro

321 Orchard Road #01-01 / 02 Orchard Shopping Centre, Singapore 238865
Tel: 6733 0609

The chosen lunch venue today was The House of Robert Timms, which is an Australian Restaurant / cafe serving gourmet coffee and wholesome Australian-styled food cooked with only the freshest ingredients (at least that's what their website proclaims).

This restaurant / cafe / bistro has a casual chic decor, epitomising the warm, friendly and down-to-earth nature of its people, reflecting the relaxed culture they enjoy - and thus inviting patrons to come in for a cuppa , wines or food in this lovely setting.

Over here, the service staff are rather friendly and helpful as well. As we were walking past the bar counter seats, we passed by these rows of gourmet coffee and extremely koala bears on sale. Anyway we had initially wanted to try the kangaroo and curry crocodile dishes, which I'd seen in the menu before, only to realize that they have just changed the menu.

Well, we still got to try my kangaroo. This is the Kangaroo Loin Steak (SGD$40.00), served with zucchini, green beans and carrots with a side of mashed potato. The meat is not very tender, and tastes to me like a cross between veal and pork. It had the same sweet overture and chewy-ness, and the red wine sauce we chose sweetened the dish up further, sealing in the red meat's natural delicious flavor.

In lieu of crocodile meat, we took up the manager's recommendation of Braised Short Ribs in Stout Sauce (SGD$32.00) - served with vegetables and mashed potatoes on the side as well. The first thing that hit me when I tasted this dish was the tenderness of the meat. Never a fan of ribs under most circumstances, the meltingly soft texture of this simply blew me away. Then the strong, bittersweet flavor of black beer registered, adding a touch of goodness to the luscious meat.

We took a while to decide between desserts or drinks, and in the end the colleague and I both had an Iced Chocolate Mint (SGD$8.00) - lovely, rich chocolate flanked by the exotic coolness of mint infused.

So, we spent a total of SGD$102.00 in all, and agreed it was a good lunch overall.

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