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Friday, 19 September 2014

Dinner at Wimbly Lu Cafe @ Serangoon

Wimbly Lu by day
15-2 Jalan Riang, Singapore 358987
Tel: 6289 1489

Wimbly Lu by night
I have heard about Wimbly Lu for sometime, but haven't had the chance to try it out. This day, I finally did get to come here for dinner.

Offering a cosy ambience with a large, spacious main foyer leading into a narrower alley of seats, Wimbly Lu with its brick walls and glittery lights does exude a quasi Old-World charm of its own. Service was a little lackluster because it was hard to get the crew's attention, but other than that, the cafe was rather lovely to begin with.

Well known for their chocolates and pastries, it is not surprising to see a large array of delectable desserts on display, as well as an assortment of pralines in all tempting forms.

We took a seat at the back, a newfound friend, *Justin and I. Drinks came first. There was the Iced Chocolate with Baileys (SGD$12.00) exuding the richness of sweet alcohol throughout a dense layer of rather-diluted chocolate drink.

Then there was the Chai Latte (SGD$5.00) which carried with its the hints of chai's aroma, and also the cinnamon-alized fusion since one stirs with the cinnamon stick. It was lightly-flavored, and I still prefer the bolder taste at Working Title Cafe.

Nonetheless, there was a small bottle of Pink Moscato (SGD$25.00) served after dinner to go with desserts, and also for chilling out slowly to.

For mains, *Justin had the Beef Cottage Pie (SGD$13.00) - which was basically baked gratin with tender beef cubes baked with a thick coating of cheese. The flavor was just nice without being too heavy and the gratin was tofu soft; as well as beef baked to a lovely tenderness.

I had the Seafood Baked Rice (SGD$12.00) because I heard raves about it. The thick coating of cheese and softness of the rice was what lent credence to the otherwise rather bland dish. The seafood comprised merely of a few shrimps merely - or at least that was all I tasted amongst the baked concoction.

For desserts, I had the Flourless Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel Sauce (SGD$6.00) - a very rich slab of sticky, solid chocolate that clung to the insides of the mouth where it melted slowly into a delicious sweetness, like gold caressing the palate in a mellow fashion. The salted caramel sauce was diluted and weak in flavor though, and we didn't think it went well with the thick chocolate dessert.

*Justin had the famous Waffles (SGD$6.00) served with maple syrup and butter. They were fluffy, crispy and melted in the mouth, exactly like the way good waffles should be, the kind we imagine slapping a large scoop of ice-cream onto. It stayed crispy even after dousing maple syrup over it, and was not too sweet overall.

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