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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Dinner at 8 Stanley Street Cafe

8 Stanley Street, Singapore 082001
Tel: 6223 5138

The Beau and I had wanted to eat something else that was closed by 7pm, hence we stumbled upon 8 Stanley Street, a quaint little cafe / bar located amongst a row of shophouses.

It was a pretty, clean cut cafe nestled in white, with tasteful wall arts as well as paintings in earthly tones adorning the place, giving it a relaxing yet somewhat rustic feel.  We both liked the quiet elegance of this charming little place with warm, friendly service.

We started the meal off Popcorn Shrimps (SGD$8.00) served with tartar sauce. I love popcorn shrimps, love the golden-fried coating that gently melts in one's mouth to reveal the sweetness of juicy shrimps within - and this definitely fit the bill.

Then I had the Pulled Pork Quesadilla (SGD$10.00) under the "Nibbles" section. I was surprised by its generous portion - four large slices of crispy, golden flour-filled delicacy served with Mexican salsa sauce.

Going beyond the crusty, sandy texture of the somewhat saccharine skins hid the most tender slivers of pulled pork - tenderly cooked to a softness that was unimaginable for the usually tough pork meat. The flavor was simply awesome, and the melted cheese added a sinful touch of perfection to it.

The Beau had the Chicken Parmigiana (SGD$17.00) - breaded chicken breast, eggplant caponata, tomato and Mozarella. The thick slabs of golden chicken breast were deep fried till a sumptuous crispiness, encrusting succulent meat within, and tasting utterly divine with the rich glob of melted cheese atop.  For sides, he has chosen the Apple Yoghurt Salad - which was a refreshing and sweet delight.

The Truffle Fries (SGD$9.00) - which one could also choose as a side dish to their main courses - had a strong "truffle" odor when it was served. However, we soon learned to ignore it and enjoyed the crispy strips of potato tremendously, especially when dipped with their thick Parmesan sauce.

8 Stanley Street was a lovely discovery, a small cafe bar serving inexpensive but tasty meals encompassing a variety of cuisines.

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