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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Review: Lancôme Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector

After trying Lancome's Genefique, the next step or new complement was the Lancome Visionnaire range, which advertised itself as being powerful enough to deter ladies from considering cosmetic procedures (lasers, fillers and peels). That is due to the molecule LR2412 that is said to help reduce wrinkles, correct imperfections such as uneven skin tones, and minimize pores.

It piqued my interest, and I bought a couple bottles to try. The white liquid cream got absorbed into the skin easily, and felt soothing instead of being greasy / sticky. While it did brighten my skin and gives it a more radiant appearance, I did not notice any other visible results. I did not get breakouts or dryness as some other reviewers claimed, but no visible changes noted even though I went through three bottles of this religiously. It was a little disappointing for me, since Genefique gave me very amazing results.

Lancome's Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector does come in a pretty packaging, and a good pump for easy application. One 30ml bottle costs SGD$180.00, and note that it does contain alcohol so check if your skin type is suitable.

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