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Friday, 1 August 2014

Review: Clinique Loose Powder / Blended Face Powder

After the beloved The Body Shop's loose powder is being discontinued, I had to search for alternatives. Clinique's loose powder / blended face powder - a sheer loose powder with a pure, gentle formula, was what I chanced upon.

The tub of powder came in a pretty floral box and an anti-bacterial retractable brush, which made it easy and perfect for application. Just dip the tiny, smooth brush into the powder and brush a layer over the moisturized / foundationed face.

I was prescribed Shade 20 (invisble blend) , after the girls at the counters tried out three different shades on me.

The oil-free, lightweight talc powder looks very fine, and the powder feels very smooth on the skin. In fact, the powder was so fine I rubbed a little between my forefinger and thumb , and the powder melted / disappeared.

It is soft, and glides across my liquid-foundationed face like powdered silk. Did not change the color of my liquid foundation since this shade is supposedly "invisible", but gave my skin a smooth finish instantly. It did not feel heavy and I could barely sense the powder (that should be the way!).

I love how the velvet finish stay with me the entire day, from morning to night (albeit a little touching up throughout the day, to refresh it). It is a great discovery, and might be the closest replacement for me now that my usual loose powder is gone.

One 35grams tub of Clinique's loose powder / blended face powder costs SGD$53.00, available at all Clinique counters and Sephora stores.

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