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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Lunch at Suprette Restaurant Bar Cafe

383 Jalan Besar, Lobby level, Kam Leng Hotel, Singapore  209001
Tel: 6298 8962

Woke up early today, got some laundry done (hand wash - for my dresses and work attires), packed the Ipad in and headed out for brunch. Located Rouse Cafe happily (not without some looks and subtly-delivered pickup lines from the females-hungry inhibitants there *rolleyes*), only to note that it is closed because it is Hari Raya holiday.

Doesn't matter, it was a short walk back to Suprette Restaurant, Bar, Cafe located at the vintage-Chinese preserved back-in-time looking Kam Leng Hotel. Everything about this hotel was so ... old-fashioned and stagnant in time, fashionably dated - from the corridors to the interior.

It is a small restaurant / bar / cafe catering to breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks crowds, prising itself on being "compact" and serving comfort food. The service crew is very amicable and helpful, so we took up their recommendation of The Suprette Burger (SGD$20.00) - beef patty, gruyere cheese and fries.

It was a huge burger, looking even more tantalizing next to the bed of golden crispy fries nestled next to it. Our efforts to ignore the bread were futile, because it was sweet (buttered), toasted crispy and came with lots of aromatic-tasting sesame seeds. The patty itself was great tasting especialy with the melted cheese upon it; and being succulent and juicy added points to it. Not bad, really, a rather pure taste although it doesnt has the charred / smokey flavor I prefer; and I am thankful its sweet flavor is not obliterated by heavy garnishings of garlic, pepper or onions.

I had a Mocha (SGD$5.00) to go along with the meal. No sugar was needed - the thick layer of chocolate sauce at the bottom sweetened the bittersweet, nutty and slightly citrusy coffee and gave it the perfect touch already. I did not even regret that they did not have soy milk today ( my original request), since the original tasted great on its own.

OOTD of the brunch day - gray half-sleeved top over denim shorts

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