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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Dinner at Noodle Place Restaurant (云吞面世家) @ Orchard Gateway

277 Orchard Road #01-17 Orchard Gateway, Singapore 238843
Tel: 6733 3171

It was time for dinner with the girls again... and the chosen venue was Noodle Place Restaurant (under the Prima Taste Group), serving authentic Hong Kong cuisine such as noodles, etc. Having dined at other restaurants under Prima Taste Group before - such as Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant and Prima Taste Restaurant - and liking them, I supposed that Noodle Place Restaurant should uphold the standard too.

I started with a soya milk (SGD$3.00) - diluted, but had to suck it up since they claimed they didn't serve hot / warm soya milk by nightfall. Three of us shared a platter of Roast Meat (SGD$28.00) - consisting of crispy roast pork, sweet honeyed char siew and roast duck, while waiting for *Chantal to reach. The meat were tender and tasty, making for a very appetite-whetting starter.

We also shared a bowl of Dumpling (Wanton) soup - that came with rather succulent minced meat wrapped in dumpling skin, and a tasty clear broth.

For mains, I had the Dumpling Noodles, dry (SGD$9.80) - wherein the noodles were crispy and springy in texture, and the gravy was a light but flavorful taste. As for dumplings - the shrimps within were huge enough to occupy half the dumplings, and were bouncy fresh. I could do without the black fungus and have just normal minced meat for the other half, though.

*Nadine had the Zha Jiang noodles (spicy pork noodles) - which came with the same crispy and springy noodles as my dish had. However, instead of the usual minced meat, they served the dish with pork slices - rather tender, and the gravy was sweet with an underlying saltish overture. There was no spiciness factor at all.

*Sharona had the Spicy and Sour Dumplings dish (SGD$7.00)  for her mains, laying off all carbo. The dumplings were same as mine - large juicy shrimps and black fungus with minced meat. The gravy was scumptious though - made more explosive with the chopped chilli padi - I borrowed a fair bit of this scrumptious soup for my noodles.

*Chantal chose the Seafood Hor Fun (SGD$9.00) - the portion was humongous and ingredients were eaped to the brim of the plate. The prawns were fresh, as well as the tender fish slices. The hor fun were smooth and she mentioned the egg gravy was nice (fyi, to add egg, there's additional charges).

Overall, the simple meal was well-received and something different for us, usually choosing European / Western cuisines for our meetups. Service was all right - a little slow, but tnothing that had much negative impact. We spent a total of around $100.00 in total.

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