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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Brunch at Flee Away Cafe

70 Dunlop Street, Singapore 209398
Tel: 6341 7843

When I heard about Flee Away Cafe, a cafe with a flee market within, somehow the first image that popped into mind was a large, dim cafe with a tiny flee bazaar within, literally. Hence why when we reached the cafe itself and noticed its pretty, clean-cut and bright interior, it surprised me a little.

There were shelves of interesting items on sale though, and tables converted from old-fashioned sewing machines. I guess it is not the first cafe that has a shopfront selling stuffs on display, because I'd patronised a couple with similar concept before too. It makes for dining and shopping at one stop, so convenient!

We took a seat and the friendly and helpful service crew was upon us immediately, making sure we were comfortable and giving us their recommendations.

Then we ordered and made payment at the counter, where the self-service water and condiments station (aka vintage television set) was situated at too.

Along the walls lined mirrored shelves of interesting displays too.

I ordered a bottle of Organic Karma Coke (SGD$6.00) - I was told it was "very nice", "tastes like vanilla" and "nicer than normal Coke" , but unfortunately I did not detect any hint of vanilla. Granted, it wasn't as gassy, but tasted like a herb I couldn't describe .

Then the Le Char Kuey with Chicken Curry fillings (SGD$12.50) was served - together with sides of salad and chips). It was basically dough fritters that could be replaced with Tortilla Wraps, for the more health conscious. There were strips of chicken meat and tiny cubes of potato, in a spicy curry sauce - rather delicious, like eating a crispy dough stick curry puff.

The Beau tried the Le Char Kuey with Dried Laksa fillings (SGD$15.50) - served with chips and side salad - another crispy delight with laksa bee hoon within, and some rectangles of dried beancurd (tau pok). It was rather tasty, resplendent with the strong flavor of another local delight.

Overall, we spent a total of SGD$34.00, and even though this place does not levy 10% service charge, the service is good and one is inclined to tip on own accord.

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