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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tea break at Ice Edge Cafe @ Kovan

2 Kovan Road, #01-10 / 11 Simon Plaza, Singapore 548008
Tel: 6858 5729

The friend and I popped over to Ice Edge Cafe with the intention of trying out their interesting-flavored lava cakes - one being Mao Shan Wang (durian) and one being the Rum Chocolate. Unfortunately, we were informed that the latter is no longer being served at all, even though it is still listed on their menu.

Non-fazed, we decided to try other items since we had made it all the way here. Ice Edge Cafe boosts of a rather warm setting in its orange and black hues, rather much a stark contrast to its name. The tables are situated rather close to each other, and the service is rather slow / irresponsive contrary to their "friendly service" belief on the website. But to be fair, please note that Ice Edge Cafe does not charge service charge.

Their Gelato counter is marvelous though - very colorful assortment of uniquely-flavored ice-creams starting at SGD$3.75 a scoop. There were so many flavors we were spoilt for choice, and took some time to choose from the range of exotic flavors such as hazelnut coffee, chocolate brownie, salted egg yolk, yuzu, lychee martini, rose corn, etc. 

Known for its unique flavors and sauces created from scratch, and proclaimed "great food" , we decided to try a Crab Bisque (SGD$8.50) and on their "Best Seller" list, even though we had taken our lunch elsewhere. The rather creamy soup was rich in a smooth fashion, gliding silkily past the tongue with tinge of sweetness and slivers of (frozen) crab meat scattered on top of the piping hot soup. It wasn't fantastic, but passable.

We also tried a Tiramisu (SGD$9.80) - served in a glass like a parfait instead of in a cake form. It suited us fine, since the decor was lovely. The scattered cocoa powder gave the creamy dessert an extra kick, as it melted in a coarse deliciousness down our throat. The tiramisu was strong with coffee's aroma, and I loved the bottom layer that was moist with coffee and rum.

The signature Mao Shan Wang (durian) Lava Cake (SGD$14.80) was what we had next, and one of the items we had come here specially for. The "lava cake" was more like a durian puff, and the lava had already flowed out when they served it to us. There was no durian fragrance in smell or taste, disappointingly - I'd tried lovelier durian desserts for sure. The scoop of Chocolate Brownie gelato we'd selected on the side was rather delicious - rich and creamy with chunks of nuts and brownie bits in it.

We spent a total of SGD$35.42 in all.

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