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Monday, 21 July 2014

Review: Chanel Le Blanc Compact Foundation

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When I bought the Chanel's Le Blanc light revealing whitening fluid foundation over the Chanel makeup counter, the friendly sales assistant threw in some samples as usual. Well, I do like the lightweight, non-greasy yet moisturzing and rather smooth liquid foundation, until I tried out the samples for Le Blanc light creator whitening compact foundation (shade 20).

Described as "soft and supple" textured on their website, selected for their transparency and extreme fineness, melting into skin to instantly hide all imperfections  and flaws on the skin, giving a soft and velvery finish.  I was rather skeptical as it has been years since I used compact - having been accustomed to liquid foundation all this while.

The first brush with miracle was rather startling. The powder did glide on the skin smoothly, without leaving any cakiness, flakiness or patchy look. After applying onto the entire face, the lightweight compact foundation did cover up all flaws, give the face a radiant glow, and it felt light to the touch, smooth and velvety indeed.

The good coverage, smooth finish and moisturizing makeup stayed with me throughout the entire day, not once turning into an oily sheen even hours later. I tested the second application out by not dusting over setting powder, yet my makeup was still intact perfectly. I was amazed because the reason I'd stopped using compact was because they did not give me that smooth, non-greasy finish, but Chanel's Le Blanc compact foundation was able to convince me otherwise.

Available in 6 shades to suit Asian skin tones and good for touching up throughout the day, this great compact foundation uses new generation ceramic pigments, liquorice extract, along with 2-year pearl extracts, bringing all the goodness to one's skin.

It is currently retailing at SGD$96.00 at cosmetics counters, and the refill goes for SGD$70.00. It is certainly a good buy, and easy to bring out in one's handbag too.

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