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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Lunch at Farm to Table Cafe

The Farm to Table Cafe is a quaint little cafe located at 83 Duxton Road, Duxton Hotel, Singapore 089540 and the number to dial is 6225 4381.

Despite its rather elegant exterior, complete with plants parting at steps leading up, and golden door handles, the interior is actually pretty chill, with an artistic touch and cosy tones (of foresty hues). It was a little warm despite the soothing hues, but when we pointed it out and the restaurant manager shut the doors leading into Duxton Hotel's lobby, the temperature cooled gradually.

Using bicycles mounted on wall as part of wall art and decoration was rather refreshing, and eye-catching for sure, but I did not get how it correlates to the theme of this restaurant.

The transparent chair was adorable though; catching me off guard as I was about to sit. See the face reflected herein?

When placing our orders, we checked with the restaurant manager about the supposedly organic concept of this restaurant / cafe. Disappointingly, we were told that the food on the menu was just "normal food" and the original "organic" concept was scraped because it was not successful or something along that line. Nevertheless, we settled on a couple of items to try out, since we came all the way here.

The first item we tried was the Open Chicken Sandwich (SGD$14.00) - chunks of chicken breast in homemade herb mayonnaise , with sliced avocado, eggs, tomato on sourdough bread. The sourdough crust was very hard so I couldn't cut it, and had to eat the sandwich with my hands.

This sandwich comes with crunchy chicken breast cubes and the herb mayonnaise is light yet distinctly detecable. The combined flavors and textures of sourdough, egg, buttery avocado, crunchy chicken cubes infused with herb mayonnaise and sourish juicy tomatoes was a taste cacophony of delight.

Next, we tried tried their signature Farmers Burger (SGD$18.00) plus avocado (SGD$4.00) - grass fed beef patty on sesame bun , maple bacon relish, cheddar, tomato, lettuc and Farm to Table signature mayonnaise. We changed the hot potato fries to Truffle Fries.

The truffle fries were pretty bland and I deduced that I'd prefer shoe-string fries anytime. The beef patty was somewhat dry, with a light touch of sweet beef flavor. Coupled with the rest of the ingredients on this tall burger, the overall taste was quite all right - not outstanding in any manner, but a subtle play of flavors burst. I thought the onions taste was too overpowering - followed me all the way back to office.

Drinks-wise, we had the Cuppaccino (SGD$5.00) and Latte respectively. I thought that the coffee was pretty normal, but the lunch companion thought it was good, with nutty aroma. I am  no coffee expert, so you need to try the coffee for yourself since taste is subjective to individual's liking. The coffee art is lovely though, and I was a little surprised that my cuppaccino did not have chocolate / cocoa powder sprinkled atop.

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