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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Lunch at 3 Plus 1 Restaurant (三菜1汤)

It was a farewell lunch for a colleague, and four of us decided to go for a simple appreciation lunch together. The chosen venue was 3 Plus 1 Restaurant (or 3 + 1 Restaurant) located at 70 Anson Road #01-03 / 04 Synergy Hub Point, Singapore 079905 and the number to dial is 6222 0031.

Started by the founders of the successful Tingkat (home meals delivery service),  3 Plus 1 Restaurant focuses on providing delicious homely meals encumbering a fusion of authentic traditional Chinese cuisine from all over the globe, all prepared with passion.

It is one of those humble-looking restaurants that one may pass by rather often but never really think of stepping in (at least, to me). However, the subtly-chic restaurant done in an Oriental manner, complete with smooth wood counters and mirrored panellings, made me take back my words instantly.

We also liked the polite, efficient service as well despite it being lunch hour in Central Business District area. The transparent chopsticks got our attention.

The first item to grace our table was the Watercress Soup - a clear , nutritious soup made with refreshing watercress, wolfberries and chunks of pork ribs. It made for a great starter, and the flavor was just nice - not too salty, not too bland.

Next, the Curry Vegetables in claypot - a sumptuous pot of spicy gravy with long beans, cabbages, etc. I enjoyed this dish and it went really well with rice because it was spicy enough for my liking. Best of all, it was not greasy like most curry vegetables tend to be.

Following that, we enjoyed the Homemade Braised Beancurd - complete with mushrooms and tiny bits of crab meat in the thick gravy. The beancurd was smooth and tender.

Our next dish was the Imperial Pork with Honey - very tender yet crunchy pieces of pork ribs cooked to a perfect sweetness, with hints of spiciness to it. Even for me who's not a fan of pork in most manner, had to agree that this dish was a keeper.

The above items were all part of a set meal. The following items are all ala carte add-ons.

This is the Golden Salted Eggs Prawns (SGD $15.80) which consisted of rather fresh, springy prawns encased in thick, rich, salted egg gravy and teased the tastebuds mercilessly with its deliciousness. Salted egg prawns are always one of my very favorite dishes, and constantly-craved items, hence I must say this satiated my desire very well.

Next up. the Prawn Paste Chicken (SGD$8.80) which were crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, non-greasy and an absolute delight in any occasions.

Despite us being full, we could not resist desserts after meals. Hence, a bowl of cooling, sweet Honey Sea Coconut with Mixed Fruits (SGD$1.80) it was! This was a delight and a refresher after a savoury meal.

And one more, just one more, the Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts for 5 pax (SGD$15.80) - a mouthwatering, gooey dessert which is a favorite of many people (not me) and my colleagues were all full of praises for this traditional Chinese dessert.

All in all, we spent SGD$96.00 for 5 pax, inclusive of hot Chinese tea, on this satisfying meal. I was glad we stepped in, I really did.

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