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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Brunch at Working Title Cafe & Bar

48 Arab Street, Singapore 199745
Tel: 9734 4187

The Working Title is located at The Social Hostel itself, thus serving a lot of its guests breakfast in the mornings, and other backpackers looking for a place to chill / take a break. Its casually tasteful, hipster-style interior is inviting, and while there isnt much service, the cafe is relatively comfortable in its own right.

One may choose to indulge in the Craft Beers here over their meals, and they do have a rather diversified range of beers here!

Above the entrance are rather tacky but interesting props that form part of the decoration - warning signboards, gunny sacks etc.

In stark contrst, here are some enriching black and white prints telling coffee stories in historical details... Working Title's?

The back door leads to a small yard area where the grounds are lush green patches of "grass", with more tables and chairs, emulating the feel of dining on the lawn or gardens. How lovely, and if one didn't step into the back, one would not have discovered this hidden find.

This was where I sat - the lone ranger scouting for food after collecting my passport from the ICA. The moment I walked in and they were playing Lana Del Rey's songs - so I knew this had to be my choice today, simply sitting here and enjoying her sultry voice and great music.

The menu was cute - clipboard style with many sheets clipped together, segmented into different categories like "Brunch", "Sandwiches" etc.

I did not take the usual beverages toady - I settled for a Chai Latte (SGD5.50) instead. Fooled by its plain appearance, I took a very tentative sip, and to my surprise it was very delicious. The "chai" flavor was not overpowering, but blended very well into the sweet milky coffee. The cocoa powder on top was a plus point. I enjoyed this so much I ordered one more.

My main course was the All Day Big Breakfast (SGD$14.90) - sunny side up eggs, bacon, tiny hash browns, rocket salad, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, sausages and English muffin. I waited a long time for this, and when it came I was surprised by the variety of items in this tray. Digging in confirmed my suspicions that the aroma (while cooking) was not deceptive of the quality of food in this tiny, simple cafe. All of that, for the price of merely SGD$14.90 - and tasted good (not salty) , now where else could one find such a homely treat?

I had a good meal to start the day with, and would like to come back and sit at the makeshift "lawn".

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