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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Trip to the Singapore Zoological Gardens

The Singapore Zoo (or formerly known as the  "Singapore Zoological Gardens") is located at 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826, and the contact no. is 6269 3411. The opening hours are from 8.30am to 6.00pm daily. Ticket are priced at SGD$28.00 for adults and SGD$18.00 for children (certain credit cards and online bookings reap extra discounts).

The Singapore Zoo is a well-kept, clean zoo housing (and showcasing) many different varieties of exotic wildlife species. It is an enriching park filled with adorable animals for all to view and take photographs of, and this was another trip in which the Beau and I brought the niece to.

Yes, some colorful birds form part of the exhibits herein, but don't be confused that you might have wrongly walked into the Jurong Bird Park. Don't be confused by the sea creatures (fish, turtles and hippopotamus etc) as well, or wonder if you have accidentally landed at the River Safari or Sea Aquarium. These are just some of the vastness of array of animals housed here.

Now we check out the adorable big cats like leopards and tigers - all elegant in their fierce, proud magnificence. It is fun to watch them in their man-created "natural habitat", prancing about, sleeping and simply living their lives comfortably here.

Now we watch some members of the monkey family moving about the trees and going about their monkey businesses. As agile as they appear, some of these creatures appear rather pensive and lost in thoughts too.

My favorite bears are on display too - looking totally huge and intimidating in their abodes. Granted, they look nothing like the sweet, harmless plush toys version, but still cuddly enough to get close to behind a thick glass screen I reckon.

Next section contained some "Must See" four-legged creatures when one visits the zoo - elephants, zebras giraffes, goats, and deers etc. Not an easy feat to take care of these large creatures, but they are certainly an eyeful!

Some rhinoceros, kangaroos, rabbits and horses brought smiles to the niece's face, especially when we were feeding the adorable hares. Horses are always pretty creatures, despite their long faces - they are known to be strong and staunch especially during war times.

The Reptiles section is my least favorite area to go through, mainly because I just do not have any love or care for these cold-blooded creatures. Ok, maybe I can still adore the tortoises, but not the snakes for sure!

A random assortment of furries, bats, butterflies etc are also on display, so you can imagine how big and varied the exhibits here are. Hence, be prepared to spend at least 3-4 hours here.

Last but not least, the performance that are rather entertaining, always with different themes. It was, overall, a fun and enriching trip not just for the niece, but for us as well.  Talk about a good long walk and sweating buckets!

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