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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Great Singapore Sale (GSS) 2014

So, the Great Singapore Sale, or better know as "GSS" is back once again, from 30 May 2014 to 27 July 2014.  After my entry on "A Shopaholic Revealed", I was wondering if the buying craze would be back once again.

For a couple of months, I have not been buying (not dresses, at least), because strangely, I have been walking pass boutiques or clothes stores with disinterest. When I did check out the dresses, it seemed like everything was simply too bland, or replicas of something I already own currently. Recently, I am glad that my buying instincts are back, and I have been shopping more enthusiastically again - clothes, shoes, cosmetics etc.

Coincidentally, the Great Singapore Sale 2014 is here, hence enablling me to feel more free to shop. Most malls and shops are participating in the Great Singapore Sale - some giving discounts, some offering "buy one get one free" promotions; and others give away vouchers with minimum spending. Do you enjoy the Great Singapore Sale, and find yourselves a part of the crowd flooding shops and stores, digging for items on sale?

The PROS of Great Singapore Sale :-
(i) Expensive items become more affordable
(ii) Cheaper items can now be purchased in bulk or multiple quantity
(iii) There is shopping hype that attracts shoppers and non-shoppers
(iv) More businesses for retailers
(v) Retailers are able to clear off older stock

The CONS of Great Singapore Sale :-
(i) Sometimes there are no size, color or new pieces left
(ii) No delivery (people order online these days for lower costs + shipping)
(iii) No longer that attractive since there are many sales ongoing throughout the year these days (New Year sales, Christmas sales, Valentine's Day sales etc)
(iv) Too crowded to shop and try on clothes
(v) People tend to overbuy just because something is on sale
(vi) May affect online shops - unless they hold sales too

Well, anyway since the entire month is hyped up with lots of attractive slashed prices and shopping spirit, just join in the buying culture and help boost the economy, why not? I am headed out to scour for more fantastic deals!  You enjoy your shopping experience too!

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