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Monday, 2 June 2014

Dinner at Sun with Moon Japanese Restaurant

My last visit to Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe was years back, after hearing lots of raves. Tonight, I return to this lovely place for dinner, and to recollect its sumptuous dishes. Sun with Moon is located at 501 Orchard Road #03-15 / 16 / 17 Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880 and the number to dial is 6733 6636.

Just like my last visit, the restaurant still retains its elegant front and the queue was still long. We waited for 40 minutes before before admitted (well, the Beau waited while I took my time heading down after work). An epitome of Japanese savoir faire, Sun with Moon combines the concept of dining and cafe. The restaurant has unique lightings - spot lights at the main dining area and soft, dimmer ones further in.

We had one of these private, softly romantic booths situated inside, separated by gossamer drapes shielding us from the next table, and comfort was offered in the form of plush couch and cushions. A single bulb hang overhead, offering us subtle lighting. We browsed the menu and ordered eagerly.

The Chawanmushi - steamed egg custard (SGD$8.20) was served shortly after our green tea. We chose the one with seafood, and were delighted to see this huge pan-sized chawanmushi filled with mushrooms, fresh prawns and a giant scallop. The egg custard was smooth and tasty, infused with the sweetness of its ingredients,  and the seafood items were fresh and bouncy in texture.

Next, we had the Spicy Grilled Chicken (SGD$13.80) - crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, with smokey hints in its delicious spicy flavor, we enjoyed this dish a lot. The flavor was further enhanced when we squeezed some lemon juice over the chicken, giving it a tinge of sour sweetness to complement.

After that, we indulged in the Waygu Beef dish (SGD$18++) - fine slices of succulent of juicy beef grilled to perfection, served on a plate of beansprouts, green pepper and onions.

I was in the mood of sushi but being someone who don't eat much rice, these smaller portions of mix-and-match sushi suited me just fine (SGD$9.00 for 4 sushi rolls in 2 flavors) - one had a choice of Salmon Maki, Beef Steak Maki, Dragon Roll, Avocado Roll etc. I chose the Beef Steak Roll and Salmon Maki combination.

The Salmon Maki was tasty - salmon sashimi slices embracing rice, minced salmon with mayonnaise and topped with salmon roe. For a salmon lover, this was an indulgence of all-things-salmon. The rice was soft and the salmon was sweetly scrumptious; it was easy to love this dish.

The Beef Steak Maki was something unique to me - cheese and meat rolled with rice, topped with slices of tender beef steaks. A good combination of flavors and textures, I was glad I ordered this to try.

Finally, I satiated my craving of soft shell crabs with this Soft Shell Crab Tempura (SGD$10.80) - another interesting dish since most Japanese restaurants serve ebi tempura only. The crab is encased in a thin layer of flour and fried to a perfect crispiness, yet its natural saccharine flavor is retained. It was tempting to order another plate of this but I was feeling very full already.

The total bill for two of us came to SGD$75.00, and it was a handsome dining experience again.  The white rice was a little expensive though, at SGD$3.00 a bowl.

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