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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Brunch at Ronin Cafe

Ronin Cafe comes from the same people who gave us The Bravery and The Plain - all of them having the same "hidden doors" concept and "dare-to-unwind" ambience. Located at 17 Hong Kong Street, Singapore 059660. There is no telephone number to this place.

I was here once last year - and I remember the "cart-like" table with wheels which made me feel somewhat uncomfortable.  The wood furniture, unevenly structured tables and chairs in this sleek, simplistic cafe puts one at ease, and the service crew is friendly. The lounge music made this dimly-lit cafe a lovely hideout, especially against the day's scorching sun rays.

One has to order at the bar counter, and no menu is given. They do keep the tab open so that you could keep adding orders and not having to pay upon ordering. I took a while to decide, but I did (not much choices anyway).

My Iced Wicked - aka mint mocha (SGD$7.50) was served first - a delicious concoction of my favorites - coffee, chocolate and mint.  It was a refreshing drink - chilled and the hint of cool mint was a welcome anytime.

Katherine* had the Latte (SGD$4.20)  a steaming hot cup of aromatic caffeine boost which was smooth, and looked good in its art-ed top foam.

The highlight was  my food - the Brioche French Toast with braised apple, bacon, hazelnut butter and syrup (SGD$14.50). The thick slices of French toast were respledent of the buttery flavor, and I loved the soft-sweetness, having been draped in mouth-watering syrup.  The bacon slices were dry and crispy - exactly the way I loved them. The braised apple was soft and sweet, and the hazelnut butter added a touch of delight to my bread. It was yummy.

Now, *Katherine's Scrambled Eggs on Toast add Pork Sausage (SGD$13.50) may look deceptively simple, but the toast slices were crispy. The scrambled eggs were scattered with a coat of black pepper, adding a touch of spiciness to its smooth wholesomeness. The pork sausage was a surprise - it was chewy in a fresh way, and it was delicious without the "fake meat" flavor most sausages sport.

We enjoyed our chilling out session here, amidst lots of catching up.

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