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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Brunch at Chye Seng Huat Hardware Cafe

I have heard of Chye Seng Huat Hardware's coffee for quite a while, ever since its previous location at Tiong Bahru area, but have not had the chance to visit it until now. It is now located at 150 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207563, and the number to dial is 6396 0609.

It is a very interesting concept, for a hardware store to branch out into the cafe business, but hey, everyone's heading there so it was inevitable that I have to be there too. One could choose to sit outdoors (mind you, outdoor seating is full if one comes on a weekend!).

Or one could head inside and sit amongst the cosy interior with its wooden bar counter, round wooden stools and surrounded by many hardware items on display (mounted on walls and decorating the countertops).

The bar counter holds an assortment of pastries and Chinese cakes (kuehs) such as the sticky 9-layer kueh, ang ku kueh, red date pudding etc. The staff are friendly and ready with suitable recommendations anytime.

*Edgar and I snagged a tiny table in the crowded cafe and took a "gold-plated" menu with us. Frankly, the table was too small and the chairs were not really comfortable. Plus the cafe was crowded so it was not really an ideal place for chilling out for long, long hours (*Edgar was nearly butt to butt with the person sitting behind him at the table next to us!).

We both tried their famous Cold Brewed Coffee (SGD$7.00), served in bottles that resembled cough medicine bottles. Being adventurous, I tried to drink without the milk and sugar syrup at first, but the taste was kind of bitter, with a strong sour aftertaste. I guess this is what "pure-ness" is all about, but to me it was an acquired taste that needed getting used to. In the end we both emptied all the milk and sugar syrup into the coffee to make it sweeter and more likeable.

I had the Ham & Cheese French Toast (SGD$15.00) which tasted good. The french toast slices were crispy around the edges, and the sweet flavor of butter with beaten egg was easily detected. Combined with melted cheese, tender ham, sweet tomato slices and sprigs of rocket salad, this made for a good and satisfying meal.

Overall, this is a cool place to come by for a cuppa or quick meal - I giuess the smart ones who came here to stay long (reading or chatting) were all seated at the bar counter - for good reasons.

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