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Monday, 16 June 2014

Brunch at The Book Cafe

After exploring a lovely book-themed cafe The Reading Room, the chosen venue for this mid-morning's brunch is The Book Cafe. It is located at 20 Martin Road #01-02 Seng Kee Building, Singapore 239070 and the number to dial is 6887 5430.

One could choose to sit outdoors and dine alfresco, basking in a little sun and breezes, or choose to head in for some cool air and a chill-worthy ambience. The staff are friendly and attentive as well.

Besides offering a comforting, relaxing setting and a wide assortment of reading materials for the patrons, this cafe also offers free wi-fi access and lectrical power-points to facilitate its patrons for work or studies. The interior design is easy on the eyes and encourages its patrons to hang out at ease in.

We were seated at the plushy and very comfortable, well-kept booth seats. I believe this place should look really gorgeous at night with the elegant setting and lit lamps. I could totally imagine curling up here with a good book and read the hours away.

*Catherine and I both ordered the Iced Mocha with Ice-Cream (SGD$7.95) - and I was glad for this recommendation on this hot, scorching day, because I nearly ordered my usual Cuppaccino (a natural reaction). This bittersweet coffee was refreshing, and made more delicious by the scoop of vanilla ice-cream and tiny chocolate chips at the bottom of the glass.

Their menu consisted of a wide variety of food from different cuisine, rather interesting given that this was a western cafe (there were Asian food available for ordering).

I had the Eggs Blackstone set (SGD$16.95) under All-Day-Breakfast section, consisting of English muffins, maple bacon, vegetables, poached eggs and a rosti patty. The English muffins were crispy at the side surprisingly, and the tasty slices of bacon were lean. I stabbed the egg yolk so it flowed over the meat items and rosti, adding some sweet touch to them. The rosti was not very crispy, but the potato flavor was distinctive and rather palatable.

*Catherine had the Chicken and Avocado Salad (SGD$15.95) with Wafu dressing on the side - a huge salad consisting of lettuce, tomatoes, tender chicken breast pieces and fresh avocade. The tangy flavor of the wafu dressing gave the crisp-fresh salad a higher notch of deliciousness.

Both of us spent SGD$58.00 in all, enjoying our dining experience here very much.

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