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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Eyeliner Review - Cailyn mineral gel eyeliner

I have tried many brands of eyeliners before - from Bobbi Brown's gel liner to Maybelline's long lasting gel pen-liner, to Christian Dior and Chanel eyeliners, the latter of which promised to be waterproof and water-resistant but disappeared once I hit the pools.

Then I visited the Beauty Asia 2014 exhibition at Suntec City in February and was approached by this pretty Caucasian lady who introduced Cailyn's mineral gel liner to me, claiming it to be smudge-proof, long lasting and smooth to glide on. Cailyn is a mineral based cosmetics company based at Los Angeles.

I am told that they develop cutitng-edge formula for their products and use high quality ingredients, have innovative products and they all come in attractive packaging - good for personal use and gifts. She tested the fine-tipped eye-liner on my hand, and I liked it, so I thought of giving it a try. It cost SGD$35.00, which is a lot cheaper than the Chanel and Christian Dior liners, priced at SGD$52.00.

The LineFix Gel Eyeliner comes in several shades, and I chose the black. It comes in an interesting bell shape containing the pot of gel liner, and brush. All one needs to do is to twist the bottom and here is the pot of black gel liner, smooth and moist, waiting to be used.

The brush is very fine-tipped, and the wand is short so it is easy to hold and maneuver during application. It is rather compact as well, and one could safely bring this out without fear of it leaking. The liner glides on very smoothly, so it is very easy to use.

For a very fine line, just use the pointed end of the brush to paint on a delicate, lasting line on the lashline or lower lash area.

For a thicker, broader line, use the flat side of the brush for a more dramatic finish.

Cailyn's LineFix gel eyeliner is easy to use, silky when it glides on, long-lasting and waterproof. At home, it is easy to remove with milk or oil based eye makeup remover too. This is definitely a keeper.

Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find any distributors for its products here yet, so to order or check out Cailyn's range of mineral-based cosmetics, please visit:

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