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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Chilling out at Fuse Bar @ Marina Bay Sands

It was drinks night, and the Bestie was here from overseas, hence Fuse Bar @ Marina Bay Sands seemed like the ultimate place for chilling out. Located at 10 Bayfront Avenue, Tower 2 Hotel Lobby, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018956, the number to dial Fuse Bar is 6688 5529.

A charming bar beating with the rhythm of good lounge music, upholding a posh interior and boosting of rather attentive + polite service, this comfortable drinking place left us reeling in a night of fun catching up over drinks.

We started with a beautiful drink served in large, rounded wine glasses, named Etertini cocktail. The deep blue and pensive shade of green gave the drink the look of an ocean being trapped, and I am on the outside looking in, looking at this piece of utmost beauty I am about to devour; it was almost predatory. The sweet drink contained mysterious ingredients (this was a house special not on the menu) but I thought I tasted hints of kiwi or lime that befitted the green drink.

We were served snacks of chips and nuts - nothing like the cheap kinds one gets at other pubs or Karaoke lounges. The chips were crispy, and of Wasabi flavor, and refillable. The nuts were crunchy and fresh as well, acting as fantastic accompaniments to our cocktails and wines.

Then the bottles of red wine were being ordered - quality reds with fruitty overtures and tasted silky-smooth. The seats were very comfortable so one could chill out there and lounge for hours literally. I think each of us spent about SGD$80.00 that night (there were four of us in all), thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

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