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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Lunch at Haramiya Japanese BBQ Restaurant

Following my first Japanese charcoal BBQ dinner at Rocku, today I had lunch at another Japanese BBQ Restaurant - Haramiya, located at 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-87 The Central, Singapore 151897. The number to dial is 6534 9468. This is an interesting Japanese restaurant that also serves Korean dishes.

There were seven (7) of us today waiting to enjoy a sumptuous luncheon at this elegantly-designed restaurant. The exterior was all glitters and glamour, with these cute miniature replicas of Japanese food dishes. These cute minis really make for good deco, I realize.

The interior is also sleek in design, but furnished in a more authentically Oriental fashion with a very strong Japanese flavor, of course - note the hanging Japanese lamps overhead and intricate carvings. The service is slow though as there are few service staff around despite it being lunch time cum peak hour.

Nonetheless, we managed to place our orders and the grill was set up. It got kind of warm despite the air-conditioned restaurant because of the heat from the grill in the middle of the table. The menus comprise of many items - beef sets, pork sets, chicken sets, and cooked items such as Biblimbap sets as well as rice dishes.

Finally the meals were being served. This is the Korubuta Pork set lunch (SGD$15.99) - consisting of tender strips of black pork, a salad with sesame paste gravy, water-melon slices, a bowl of Miso Soup, a bowl of Japanese rice and small plate of Kimchi. We had to grill the meat ourselves, which made dining fun and enjoyable, engaging everyone literally. The Korubuta Pork is tender and the meat is sweeter and softer than normal pork, and of course when grilled to crispiness, it was utterly tasty.

This is the Karubi Beef set lunch (SGD$14.99)  - well marinated and succulent slices of beef that, too, when grilled to perfection, filled the tastebuds with the delicate aroma of good beef. The beef is cut into fine, small slices to make it easy for eating. We experimented with different done-ness for this meat and it still tasted good.

Overall, we spent about SGD$20.00 each, including iced green tea and consumables and tazes.

Do check out their sister restaurant, Hifumi Japanese Restaurant for a different dining concept as well.

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