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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day 2014

Happy St Valentine's Day to you....So what does Valentine's Day mean to you, candies, flowers and romantic candlelight dinners?

Well, a little history... St Valentine was a Roman Saint who was tortured and killed for his strong belief and encouragement in love - he wedded couples in nuptial bliss of monogamy. In an era where polygamy was more favored, especially when it was believed that male soldiers fought better in wars without the worries for their spouses / children. 

Hence, the day, 14th February is to commemorate the martyr of this brave saint who died in his belief of true love and commitment between a couple in love.

Today, it is widely celebrated as a day of showing love and affection through romantic meals, gestures and gifrs. Many couples choose to get married on this day as well, believing it to be a good omen of everlasting love.

It has also become a very widely commercialised day for retailers  as businesses at restaurants, gift shops and florists flourish on this special day.

Books have been written and movies have been made about Valentine's Day as well - one very awesome classic would be "Valentine" by Tom Savage, later made into a movie with the same title.

Then there are sappy love songs such as Sarah Vaughan's "My Funny Valentine" song that one tends to hear everywhere on this day of love and romance.

Remember that love does not necessarily have to be between a dating or married couple;. Friends, family members and neighbors may also express love for each other on this meaningful day.

Last but not least, don't love for just one day. As long as there is love in your heart, everyday is Valentine's Day.

Stay loved. And again, Jour De Valentine Heureux!

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