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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Dinner at The Greenhouse @ RItz Carlton

Having been to The Greenhouse @ Ritz Carlton for lunch before, I decided to revisit this place, this time for international buffet dinner. This elegant, luxurious restaurant is located at 7 Raffles Avenue #03-00 The Ritz Carlton Millenia, Singapore 039799 and the number to dial is 6434 5288.

The warm, lavishly-furnished interior was what greeted us when we first stepped into the lush carpeting and under the elegant lightings of this beautiful dinery. The efficient service crew came over to serve drinks and place the napkins on our laps, standard procedure. I like the spacious setting and quietly-elaborate ambience.

Amongst all the goodies loaded on the trays and tables, it took some time for me to get started, wondering which station to begin at. As such, I decided that cold food was the way to go - I liked the assortment of salads available. Ok, so they had the entire deck of greens (olives, lettuce, rocket salad etc), but they also have these cooked, delectable salads.

There is the Squid Salad - tasty and a rich contrast of textures between the chewy squid and the light crisp vegetables. There is the Smoked Duck Salad - not too salty smoked duck that is succulently decked in sweet-sour dressing. And appetizing Papaya Salad that preps the tastebuds for more good stuff to come.

I was ready to move on to the piping hot Indian fare. These spicy, mouthwatering items are Chicken Marsala, my favorite Pappadum Chips, the tasty Bryani rice and tantalizing Vegetable Curry redolent of chilli and coconut milk's flavors. The highlight at this station was the Duck Curry - the first time I tried - spicy, yes, but with a sourish tinge of tomatoes. 

Back to some Chinese-styled vegetables stewing in the hot pans next to the Curries station. There are mushrooms, cauliflower, white cabbage, giant cherry tomatoes and asparagus for one to choose from this healthy array of non-meat items. However, I feel that the fresh greens should not be kept boiling in warm temperature - they were either mushy or hard to chew. It was a pity.

Nonetheless, I decided to remedy the sad vegetables experience with some Cheese, Crackers and Fruits - here is where you take your pick of Mozarellas, Cheddars, Blue Cheese, Brie etc, along with accompaniments of dried prunes, figs and fresh grapes etc. I had my fair share along with a sumptuous Olive Bread. Is that a whole olive in the center of the delicious bread? You bet!

Next, I fluttered over to try their Laksa and Lor Mee (noodles in braised sauce). I know right - which idiot takes carbo for buffet meals? Actually I took one of them for my dinner buddy but he did not want any, so I had no choice but to gobble up the two bowls of delicacies by myself. 

The Laksa was scrumptious and filled with lots of ingredients despite the small serving - shrimp, cockle, quail egg, fishcake slice and deliciously thick gravy. The Lor Mee was a wonderment in itself - note that I am not a Lor Mee fan under most circumstances, but this one had a lovely gravy that even hinted of a herbal aroma.

Now, how could one not touch the Seafood and Sushi / Sashimi section of a buffet session? I was merely saving the goodies for the last (but not leaat). Now we are talking! 

Succulent and fresh slices of raw fish, or equally fresh raw oysters? How about a wide assortment of Sushi or Carpaccio? One is simply spoilt for choice here.

I had to have some fruits now, to neutralize the savoury food items I have been enjoying. The fuzzy, juicy sweet peach was a blessing - quenching my thirst instantly - it was, to quote my buddy, "melted in the mouth" good. I also took some guava, watermelon, jackfruit and pineapple cubes. 

Finally, to wrap up a perfect meal - who could resist dessert's temptations? I knew I couldnt. It was a sweets heaven of Chocolate Cakes, Strawberry Shortcakes, Chinese cakes (kueh) and some pudding items for me, washed down with hot tea.

Did we enjoy our dinner here? Yes, every morsel, despite the whopping SGD$84.00 we each spent. Though, in the past they used to serve Foie Gras but I guess its a good initiative that they no longer do so.

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