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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Vietnam Vacation - Mui Ne Resort

Photo source: http://luxurysquad.com/anatara-mui-ne-resort-and-spa-in-vietnam/anantara-mui-ne-resort-and-spa-6/

After Ho Chi Minh City, I returned to Vietnam again, this time to a lovely resort named Mui Ne. It is 5 hours drive from the Tan Son Nhat International Airport, so be prepared to nap on the journey. Their speed limit is fifty (50) kilometres per hour, so bear with the drivers.

Accomodation was at Anatara Mui Ne Spa Resort - a luxurious, gorgeous beachfront resort for a promising vacation anytime. The villas come with tranquil sea views, serene settings and a lovely private pool. There are many resorts alongside Anatara Mui Ne, and scores of tourists visit for private, secluded holidays away from the hectic-ness of citylife.


There are rows of seafood, Western, Vietnamese, Italian and other cuisine at the front of the resort, as well as drinking places and pubs.

We dined at the hotel's L'anmien Restaurant or some of the seafood restaurants for tasty fresh catch, traditional Broken Rice, grilled fish with special Vietnamese fish sauce and pho (Vietnamese noodle soup). One is spoilt for choice when it comes to food and drinks. 


As for this, we took a tour half-day private tour package and the friendly guide brought us to the famous tourists' attractions around the tiny, serene escapade island.

First, we visited the Mui Ne Fishing Village (Phan Thiet) - an essential congretation of fishing boats and swaying palm trees where we watched the fishermen in action, casting their nets and reaping in their catch. It was windy and soothing, and we were glad for the opportunity to see the local fishermen at work.

Next, we visited the famous Red Sand Dunes, we had heard that its beauty was unquestionable, and it had replaced the White Sand Dunes as the tourists' top favorite places to visit. Not only did we walked on the coarse red sands, we loved the ripples caused by the wind as well. This was truly a scenic place.

We were brought to see the White Sand Dunes after this, where the sands were softer and we thought that this place looked more beautiful than the Red Sand Dunes earlier on. Moreover, there was a Lotus Lake filled with lovely lotus leaves and flowers on a reflective water oasis. We heard that the color of the sands change at different times of the day.

Finally, the tour ended at Fairy Streams (Suoi Tien) - we were supposed to take a 30 minute walk through the streambank, but I was wearing heels so we skipped that part, and chose to instead gaze at the colorful sands of the canyon - we heard that the walk was amazing as one would get to experience soft sands and warm water beneath their feet. It was known as the most magical spot in Mui Ne, a hidden gem of nature.

On the way back, we stopped by a plantation where they grew peanuts and watermelons, and we watched the hardworking farmers raking away diligently.  This was truly an aspect of cultural infusion I enjoyed, taking in the scenic views and being surrounded by nature.

Yes, if you are into spas and massages, Mui Ne has it all for you - cheap and good massages for you to choose from. 

Not much except Kayaking and Jet-Ski - we tried the latter. The excellent, private beach was rough with high waves, hence it made jet-skiing on it rocky and exciting - a tumultous but thrilling ride with the wind in one's hair and water beneath one's feet.

Come down for a relaxing holiday devoid of stress and worries, and enjoy the magnificence of what nature has to offer. Let the gentleness of the winds soothe you and the warmth of the sun caress you for a change.

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