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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Tea at Sweet Spot Bakery and Cafe, MBS

Yes, after the first session of desserts hunt at One Ninety @ Four Seasons, Monica* and I went hunting for good tea pastries again. This time, we stumbled upon Sweet Spot Bakery / Cafe / Deli / Patisserie at 10 Bayfront Avenue, Lobby Level, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Tower 3, Singapore 018956, and the number to dial is 6688 8888.

Located in a small corner of Marina Bay Sands Hotel, this non-descript, simple-looking deli cafe actually concealed the best pastries. We attacked the counter filled with wide array of pastries on display the moment we entered, and grabbed a seat to share the various delectable cakes we'd selected.

The above two were our very favorites, and were highly recommended by various friends and reviews as well.  

First, the Dark Chocolate Orange cake - the pastry itself was moist and buttery soft, sandwiched with dreamy chocolate mousse, and filled the mouth with aroma of dark chocolate and tangy fragrance of orange - hitting the right spots in all manners indeed.

Then we had the Raspberry Earl Grey cake - another wonderful creation of sour-sweetness infused with rich tea flavor - a lovely fusion of fruits and the slightly ashy tinge of Earl Grey. Simply divine, had our senses dancing with delight.
I had a tea too - oh, don't be fooled by its tacky paper-cup appearance - SweetSpot serves TWG teabags, in very limited flavors though.

The Portugese Egg Tarts were rather disappointing after the shock of the deliciousness of the earlier pastries we had.  Sweet, and a little too soggy - we preferred the crisp fluffiness of Portugese egg tarts usually. 

The Chocolate Muffin with Raspberry Fillings was too sweet - a large mound of dark chocolate in moist cottons of a pastry, bursting with sweet raspberry jam when speared - it did not ooze out like hot lava, worry not - rather, it was just sitting prettily within the muffin, adding a slightly acidic tastiness to the otherwise too-sweet delicacy.

Lastly, I always, always, always buy the SweetSpot's dark or milk chocolates with the dried fruit and nuts on top. They are so yummy I often have cravings for them - too bad they're only available at Marina Bay Sands. We loved the desserts overall, but wished the deli / cafe was larger or had more seats. Overall, each of us spent SGD$22.00 on average each (excluding my chocolates).

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