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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Tea at Flor Patisserie

After the fun Kuala Lumpur trip in which Ted* played tour guide to Freya* and me, I finally got to return the favor when he came to Singapore. Our initial destination was KKi Cafe at 7 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069791 first, but unfortunately that day it was closed for business. We were disapppointed at the doorstep, but perked up again when we landed at Flor Patisserie at 2 Duxton Hill #01-01 Singapore 089588 (Tel: 6223 8628).

It is a bakery started by Chef Yamashita, a Japanese-French concept, a gastronomical marriage between the creativity of Japanese desserts and the elegance of palatable French food art. Flor Patisserie prides itself on using the freshest and highest quality ingredients in creating memorable pastries that leaves one yearning for more.

 The cafe was tiny but the soothing themes of blue and beige made us feel very welcomed, and we were glad there was an empty table. Browsing the array of delectable looking pastries made our mouths water. We picked a few, and eagerly headed back to the table so that we could enjoy these beautiful creations.

It was the Napoleon  first - a puffy pastry in thin layers, fluffy cake, strawberries and sweet cream stacked upon each other in a union of dessert bliss. Yes, imagine the textures upon the mouth - crispiness, flakiness, moist softness, with hints of sweetness.

Then the Wakakusayma - matcha cream and honey green tea roll with red bean cream. This smooth, gentle, soft pastry dances in the mouth before melting slowly, leaving trails of sweetness all the way down the throat. The red bean cream combination was superb, especially those who like the sandy-sweetness of red beans.

We also tried one of the Iced Cheese Tarts (the original flavor) - a large almond cookie filled with Flor's creamcheese within - a divine blend of almond cookie's deliciousness and crunch, with the cold, slightly-salty cream oozing onto one's tastebuds. 

Overall we spent SGD$27.00 on all cakes and drinks here - a very delightful dessert / tea experience.

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