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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Lunch at Peach Gardens @ Novena Gardens

Anyway, heard that Peach Gardens was awesome, so decided to give it a shot, since the flagship branch is near our place. To quote from its website, simply apt, "a culinary sanctuary where connoisseurs of traditional Cantonese cuisine can gather in celebration of exquisite dining and fine living".

The address is at 273 Thomson Road #01-06 Novena Gardens, Singapore 307644, and the number to dial is 6254 4633.

We liked the lovely, exquisite decor with elegant ceiling lightings and warm hues for its comfortable cushy chairs and table settings. The service was rather efficient and polite as well.

While waiting, we were served a platter of Prawn Crackers - the Chinese equivalanet of Amuse Bouche aka bread basket one gets before the meals were served.

We started off with some light dimsum items like Custard Buns - warm, sweet custard oozing out of smooth buns. Loved them.

The Fried Carrot Cake with XO sauce and beansprouts was bouncy in the mouth, and held subtle hints of XO that were so faint they were almost undetectable, but the dish was still tasty.

The Crab-Roe Siew Mai were fresh and scrumptious as well, with tender minced pork within the yellow silken dumpling skins.

The Hong Kong-style Honeyed Pork Buns were rather tasty - smooth buns, sweet and succulent minced pork sweetened with honey-sauce / marination. 

This was interesting - Banana Prawn Rolls. The skin was crispy and the prawns were fresh, but we thought the pairring of mango with prawns complemented the rolls better than the milder, less-exotic tasting bananas.

Spring Rolls with Yam within- crispy skin, with crunchy, sweet vegetables within.. the powdery texture of yam added a good touch of heightening the taste.

The Prawn Dumplings (Har Kao) were very, very fresh, and the crystalline skin meltingly smooth and soft.

Next, the Baby Kailan (Chinese Brocooli) with Mushrooms - a healthy, fresh delicacy to balance the meat dishes out.

Our Peking Duck Wrapped in Crepes came next. I especially loved this dish because of the crispiness of the delicious duck skin within, coupled with the soft, sweet, slightly-sandy texture of the crepe skins .. the blend is just amazing.

Finally we got to savour our succulent, tasty Peking Duck stripped off its skin, not a hint of toughness.

Dessert of Almond Beancurd was just irresistable - cooling, smooth and sweet, I just swallowed this delicacy like a dream.

The Peach Coconut Jelly was equally refreshing and sweet, a delight after a meal of savoury delicacies.

There were six of us in all, and the total damage was only SGD$148.00, it was a very worthy treat leaving us with satiated appetites and satistied tummies.

It was Mother's Day Celebration 2012, and the last family resaurant celebratory meal with Le Pere around...

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