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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Dinner at Tanuki Martini Bar

This tiny, cosy chillout bar named Tanuki Raw serving classic cocktails and delicious Japanese cuisine sits at 181 Orchard Road #02-03 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896 and the number for queries (no reservations accepted, take note)  is 6636 5949.

Encased by glass, this restaurant with bare concrete floors and square wooden tables gives an authentic Japanese bar's feeling. It is great for chilling out with friends over drinks and tapas or enjoying a simple but satisfying Japanese meal. The friendly appeared bogged down by workload though, so sometimes it may take a while to get their attention.

Edison*, Katherine* and I were really here for these. The great promotion or rather, Happy Hour is that between 5-8pm everyday, as long as you order an alcoholic drink, you may order the Raw Oysters at SGD$2.00 per oyster, and Sashimi Platter at SGD$5.00 for a platter of 5 pieces. 

The Raw Oysters and Salmon Sashimi were rather flesh, and it was rather a feast to start off with these over our Martinis and Beers.

We also ordered some Carpaccio - raw but thinly-sliced pieces of meat (in this case, Salmon, Tuna and Swordfish) - rather tantalizing, but I still prefer the springy chewiness of Sashimi's texture.

Not enough of shell items after the oysters! So we ordered a round of Oysters with Cheese, Mentaiko (marinated roe of pollock and cod), and Yakitori Chicken (basically, chicken on sticks, grilled) - all were delicious nibbles.

This was the Tanuki Balls - truffled beef carpaccio draped over deep- fried cheese potato balls - a sumptuous, salty tapas filled with nice flavors.

We couldnt do without Shrimptastic at a Japanese bar, could we? Yes, this delicacy was ebi fry roll sprinkled with sakura ebi and drizzled with spicy sauce - absolutely fresh, shrimpy heaven.

Lastly, we decided that a chilling out evening wasnt a chilling out evening without Truffle Fries - so we ordered a basket to go along with our drinks. It was all right, not extraordinarily crispy or tasty or potato-filled. Just nice enough to munch on.

Overall, we had a hearty and enjoyable dinner and each of us spent SGD48.00.

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