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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Dinner at Standing Sushi Bar

This time round, Edison*, Katherine*, Zachery* decided to head to Standing Sushi Bar for dinner. Inspired by standing sushi bars in Japan, the flagship outlet of Standing Sushi Bar at One Raffles Place was a true standing concept - as in, diners would stand and eat literally.

However, the new, bigger, outlet that we visited at 8 Queen Street #01-03 Singapore Art Museum, Singapore 188535 had evolved into the usual Japanese restaurant with tables and chairs. It was more comfortable all right, for us to enjoy high-quality, healthy and affordable Japanese food in a warm, hearty and vibrant environment. The number to dial is 6333 1335.

One should always start with the delicious sweet-sour-crisp-juicy salad and iced green tea to whet the appetite. Yes, these were served after we placed our orders.

The Grilled Salmon Fillet was expertly grilled to perfection, leaving the outside nearly crispy and the flesh itself tender, and absolutely delicious with soft hints of smokiness.

The Sushi Udon Set was complete with springy udon noodles in sumptuous miso broth, and tasty sushi made of fresh ingredients. This is a dream set for any diner who covets a bowl of hot, tasty, thick noodles followed by an assortment of good sushi and sweet watermelon slices.

This is my Sashimi Set - with the freshest shrimps, salmon, tuna, swordfish and squid in raw forms - very chewy with bounciness, and palatable for sure. I loved it. 

The Seafood Pasta was creamy and smooth, easy on the mouth; infused with the sumptuous goodness of seafood cooked with it. Sprinkled with some black pepper, and this dish becomes absolutely divine.

The Grilled Beef was tender, juicy and tasty with hints of saltiness and sweetness. We loved the gently chewiness of this dish.

Overall, each of us spent SGD$28.00 on our dinner, a very satisfying meal that pleased the tongue and filled the tummy well. 

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