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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Dinner at La Salsa Mexican Resaurant and Bar

Dempsey Hill is a lovely place stocked with wonderful restaurants and chillout places for couples and friends alike; there are also furniture stores for the families to get spoilt for choice over shopping for their new homes.

I decided to try Mexican cuisine that night, so La Salsa Mexican Restaurant and Bar was the choice dinery. It is located at Block 11 Dempsey Road #01-17 Dempsey Hill, Singapore 249676 and the number to call is 6475 6976.

An authentic, relaxing Mexican restaurant with atmosphere reflecting style and class, La Salsa serves classic Mexican fare at affordable costs.  Indoors and alfresco dining are both available. Lately I am rather afraid of the cold, so outside seating it was.

I had a glass of White Wine to start off, a cool, sweet serenade for an equally cooling, serene evening chilling out along other patrons speaking myriads of different languages. It is described as "a restrobar that is uncalculating sexy" on its website, so we were rather to see what magic it could conjure up.

The Beef Chili with Nachos came first - a panful of thick, piping hot goodness of chunky beefs, cheese and gravy. This is rather different from the more "soupy" and less cheesy chilis I am used to eating at Chilis. In my humble opinion, though the chilis dish was rather delicious, it tasted more like baked gratin, and hard to dip in the nachos.

The nachos are thick and crispy with a flaky center which I enjoyed immensely.

Next, the Chicken Quesadilla - flour or corn tortilla filled with minced chicken, cheese and peppers. I have always loved the slightly sandy, slightly rough texture of the quesadilla skin, especially edged with a little hint of crispiness. The fillings were deliciously attuned to gastronomical rhythm of saltiness and spiciness.

We spent SGD$35.00 each on this simple dinner and chillout session.

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