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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Dinner at Fika Swedish Restaurant (again)

Following my dinner post at Fika Swedish Restaurant here, I returned to try more things. Pardon the entry about the same restaurant, but there aren't many Swedish restaurants in Singapore yet. Plus, I tried different stuff today, to share with you; and I visited the other outlet at 9 Raffles Boulevard #02-03 Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596, and the number to reach them is 6396 9096.

The decor at this outlet is not as exquisite as the outlet at Beach Road, but the service level is definitely one notch up. Well, except for one incident which I shall elaborate at the end of this post.

We started with the Blueberry Soup (hot) - something that I had wanted to try during my last visit but did not get to. It was thick and sweet, with sour hints - I felt like I was drinking heated up Blueberry Juice or Syrup. In fact, if I had chosen the cold soup instead of hot, it would have made for the perfect dinner juice drink. Nonetheless, it was interesting - a hot, nutritious, sweet soup to kickstart the meal.

For starter, I had the Swedish Homemade Meatballs - a palatable delicacy served with soft, powdery boiled potatoes and salad on the side. I loved the tender mincedmeat balls - tasty and loosely-knitted so that the texture was light and nearly fluffy. Well, as fluffy as meat goes. 

Finally, the Korvstroganoff - creamy Swedish chicken sausage stew served with rice and steamed vegetables. The stew gravy was salty - the taste of cheese was rather prominent, and very delicious. The chicken sausage-  which was in fact, chicken strips - tasted amazing with the cheesy gravy. 

Overall, the food items were to our satisfaction, and we spent SGD$27.00 each on our casual but exotic dinner here.

As mentioned earlier on, the service here is not bad, really - save for one service crew whose name slipped my mind. When we asked for a seat he'd actually informed us that there was a table available but "no chairs". So I asked him to find chairs, he merely said he would try and then disppeared into the kitchen area for a good half an hour! A quick glance at the alfresco area confirmed that there were un-used chairs at several tables. We were displeased of course, since he did not bother to check back with us if all was fine.

Other than that, the entire dining experience was not bad. After all, it was the food we came for.

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