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Friday, 17 January 2014

Cruising China- Shenzhen

I remember the first time I visited Shenzhen, it was because I was bored in Hong Kong after countless times there. I was curious to know what was in Shenzhen, China - since it was just about an hour's train ride away from Hong Kong. 

I was curious to see how it was like, since I had never stepped foot into any part of China prior to this.

Tourist Attraction - Window of the World
This is a theme park where one could view "miniature" Wonders of the World reproduced and parked right here, in this 48 hectares of land. One could literally "visit" a hundred countries and gape at their famous attractions within a day spent here at Window of the World, it was marvelous. Talk about being good at the art of imitation!

Yes, I literally "returned to Singapore" when I spotted the Merlion right here in Shenzhen itself, miles away from home!

Walking around the vast park, I managed to tour the Eiffel Tower of Paris, Colosseum in Rome, seen the Buckingham Palace, climbed the Great Walls of China and gazed at the magnificence of India's Taj Mahal. It was pretty fun. The likeness was amazing.

Spas / Massage Treatments
I heard that Shenzhen is great for massages and spas - though males, please beware as you may be offered "extra services". They have the Water Therapies massage there as well, similar to Jacuzzi treatments by using the force of jets of water to massage.

Also, the shopping there is cheap - a lot of imitation luxury goods, to be precise. Heard too, that the imitation skills are so good they literally manufacture the certificates along with your "fake bags"!

Overall, Shenzhen is a rather modern city and pretty interesting. I did not get to eat there, but would like to go back there to try their food and massages someday.

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