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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Chilling Out at Re-Wine at Hotel Re

                                             Photo source: Hotel Re's website at http://www.hotelre.com.sg/index.html

Hotel Re
is a modern boutique converted from a primary school of the past - it gives off a retro vibe amongst all its vivacious psychedelic colors. Its address is at 175 Chin Swee Road Singapore 169879 and the number to dial is 6827 8289. 

               Photo source: Hotel Re's website at: http://www.hotelre.com.sg/restaurant-bar.html

I was there for chilling out at its breezy chillout alfresco bar Re-Wine, perched on the second floor balcony overlooking scenic night views of the CBD / Chinatown area. This open concept bar is tacky in a sleek, retro manner complete with red vinyl seats, black-white checkered tiles, billiard table and pictures of gorgeous Hollywood classic beauties such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn - I loved it instantly.

Yes, let's take a closer look at these photographs.

Drinks to start off the chilling out session and great retro music to match, of course. A glass of red wine and Lobster Bisque with Atlantic Scallops - a delicious, rich soup simmered to perfection with the sweetness of lobster and generous seared scallops and slipper lobster.

Next, the Crabmeat Fried Rice with Salted Fish - another palatable, flavor-filled delicacy with lots of seafood ingredients - you can already see the large juicy shrimps, crabmeat, silver sprout, Chicken sausage and eggs scattered around the right-textured rice. Every bite exploded with goodness, and the fried rice was not oily at all.  The portion was rather huge, though.

 Finally, dessert of Tiramisu - a lovely creation of mascarpone cream, coffee-flavored cake sloshed with amaretto. I loved the moist sweetness of this aromatic cake, it was a dream ending to a scrumptious meal consumed with the scenic views in my sight and cool breezes against my bare skin.

The total damage was SGD$60.00, little steep for considering it a three-course meal with wine, good music and vintage settings transporting one back in time, every cent was well-spent. 

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