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Friday, 24 January 2014

Chilling out at Piano Lounge @ Quality Hotel

The Piano Lounge is a small, cosy lounge / pub located within Quality Hotel Marlow at 201 Balestier Road, Level 1, Singapore 329926 and the number for reservations and queries is 6355 9988. It is done in warm, earthly shades that are easy on the eyes and soul, perfect for a day of unwinding and relaxation. Contrary to its name though, there is no piano here though.

The Piano Lounge offers both indoor or alfresco seating. I love the pretty Raindrop Lightings that one could easily see when seated outside - either on high tables or on cushy armchairs. There is a pool table at the far end providing recreational relaxation for patrons. By nightfall, this place is usually packed with office executives, tourists and some tai-tais who are regulars. 

Besides good food such as Laksa, Spring Chicken, Satay and fresh Salmon Sashimi, The Piano Lounge also serves a variety of snack food available for order even after the kitchen closes at 10.00pm. I had the Topshell - large, thick and, succulent and deliciously spicy; and the Spicy Mid-wings - tasty and paired with crispy ikan bilis on the side. Their friendly wait staff exude warm hospitality most times.

They also serve a wide variety of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic such freshly-squeezed fruit juices. I usually take their red wines or Snowball - a delicious cocktail made of Advocaat and Lemon or Lime juice, but it does not contain a single hint of sourness. It is largely sweet smoothness.

The Golden Sunshine comprises of Whiskey, rum etc and an egg yolk which one is supposed to stir before drinking. The taste is rather dull, just Whiskey, rum etc. The only interest highlight was the huge yellow eye yolk, which unfortunately, does not add to the taste of the strong drink.

Finally, the tip of the iceberg - at this cosy, relaxing respite, there is live band performance, usually teams of three ladies from overseas. They entertain the guests with good singing, fanciful dancing, dedications and very friendly reception. They are so talented that they could sing in English, Mandarin, Korean, and a variety of dialects.  

Yes, while sipping my Daiquiri , I can hear the amicable singers bellowing out tune after tune. They would come down to grace tables with handshakes and small talks. Overall, I think this is a pretty cool place to chill out at and listen to live band perform. Drinks are not expensive as well, about SGD$10.00 per cocktail.

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