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Saturday, 25 January 2014

10 Reasons Why Simpler People are Happier People

Simple people - the happy go lucky types, the ones who are easily contented, uncomplicated, and just want the simple things in life. They probably don't compete as much, are grateful for the things they already have, living a life that they are pleased with and do not foresee negative circumstances that may happen in future.

One may think them foolhardy or silly, to waste one's life not aspiring to attain more. But, simpler people, simpler thoughts and simpler deeds, are the people who are often happier. As opposed to someone who is not easily contended, always seeking to break new grounds and not spending enough quality time on themselves.

Why Are These Simpler People Happier then?
Tom Valeo, a writer for the St. Peterburg's Times, said, "Happiness is like a butterfly, the more you try to chase it, the more it eludes you..." Let us look at the the Top Ten (10) reasons as to why simpler people are happier in general. 

1. They are easily-contended and easy to please.
They don' t ask for much; status quo is probably what they believe they are comfortable with and can afford. They don't feel the need to be demanding or have more than they are capable of achieving. Hence, their mentality is more relaxed and not burdened with the overwhelming worry that over-achievers or ambitious people harbor.

2. They are not bogged down with unnecessary stress
With a happier state of mind, they handle or deal with things in a more relaxed manner. They are not stressed out over sales targets, investment losses or massive financing probably. They don't stress themselves out unnecessarily. As such, it is easier for them to appreciate the simpler things in life and and count their blessings. Even when they set targets, they probably make it an easy-to-achieve goal, something that they feel more comfortable attaining without striving too hard for.

3.  They make people around them happy
These people send off their happy vibes to those who are working with them, or their friends and family. Because they are simple and happy go lucky, they seldom give people any demanding or unreasonable requests to fulfull.   This in turn makes the people around them happy, and everyone gets along easier.

4. They make friends easily
Yes, it is true that they make friends easier, and they don't even need to be gregarious or eloquent. People feel comfortable striking conversations with them, and hanging out with them. So simple people usually have different groups of friends from work, from school, from church, and those in the yoga classes etc. Though, the downside is, they are never certain of the motives why some of these "friends" got close to them in the first place, they don't suspect even if the friends have ulterior motives such as wanting to borrow money or looking for other benefits.

5. They take things at face value
When they hear something, like a compliment or even an excuse for someone else's wrongdoing, they choose to believe it, and do not let their mind wander - they don't wonder if the compliment might be a falsey or sarcasm; they don't wonder if the "reasons" given might be untrue. It does not matter whether they are really clueless / ignorant, or they choose to be nonchalant.

6. They are not bothered by details
Whether travelling or handling a task, simpler people tend to take good care of the basic requirements and not think too much about nitty-gritty details or the "what if" scenarios. They put their mind and heart to completing the task on hand; contigencies or unforeseen circumstances are usually not taken into factor as yet, so they don't need to split their focus and load themselves with too many details or deviations. A more ambitious person tends to attack the task with too many questions on hand, including minuscle details or a million questions from seeing things from different angles.

7. They do not need need to seek validation of self-worth from others
Simple people are contended with everything, including their own appearance, their dressing and their lives in general. They do not need someone to tell them they look good to feel happier. They do not need to impress anyone other than themselves, and maybe the loves of their lives. The constant need to seek assurance from others that we are beautiful, smart or talented can be a very painful process, often leading to stress, insecurity and paranoia even.

8. No green-eyed monster in them 
Yes, not only do simple people not need to seek validation of self-worth from others, they do not envy or compare as well. We have already mentioned that they are happy with the simpler pleasures in life, and do not pressurize themselves to chase what is not theirs. They are also happier because they do not envy others who may be richer or get jealous over someone who looks better. To them, certain luxuries or beauty is something that if they have, they learn to appreciate it; but if they do not have, they do not feel the need to be envious of said luxuries or beauty. Constant comparison and jealousy may motivate someone to work harder to a certain extent, but overdoing it gets unhealthy and the chase is never-ending - there is always someone who is richer, someone who is more successful, someone who is more beautiful out there.

9. Honesty is the best policy
These are the people who are down to earth and do not resort to lies or trickeries. They do not spin tales to attain something that they want, and they are usually frank or direct. They may not always be mild people, in fact they may be downright blunt - but they'd not harbor ill intentions or have intention to manipulate or cheat. Being able to speak one's mind frankly, and being able to be understood easily, makes one happier, as opposed to someone who often has to rake their brains over manipulative or hypocritical measures to get what they want.

10. They handle sorrow the simple way
Even if something untoward happens, or someone hurts them, they tend to forgive and forget easier. They might cry, even inflict a little violence i.e. a slap or punch on the harmbringer, but they don't plot vengeances or paybacks. They simply move on after the sorrow has faded, and continue living their lives. The constant need to plot revenges or holding on to the past is unhealthy, and complicated people are often unhappy because of this.

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