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Monday, 30 December 2013

Lunch at Riders Cafe

I have been wanting to visit Riders Cafe for a while, but somehow because of the inconvenience of the location and the lack of companion who actually wanted to travel all the way there, I waited patiently. My desire was fulfilled when Priscilla* agreed to go.

Riders Cafe is located at 51 Fairways Drive Singapore 286965, and the contact number is 6466 9819. I'd heard from friends that it was a lovely place - one could actually sit outside and watch horses over brunch. The concept alone was sufficient to entice me.

 This is an overview of the quaint little restaurant situated at the edge of bukit Timah area - a longhouse at the Bukit Timah Saddle Club. There is no air-conditioning for this dining haven - an indoors area with old-fashioned ceiling fans, elegantly-simplistic interior design and a verandah where we sat. The exquisite design of this place actually exuded a kind of old world charm yet at the same time, very comforting atmosphere, perfect for brunch with family or friends.

 Curious about its "delicious contemporary comfort food", we got the chore of ordering out of the way pretty fast. It was a pity we were a little late for brunch, so we chose from the a la carte menu instead.

I had a Saffron Risotto & Seared Hokkaido Scallops with Baby Broccoli - a delicious rice dish cooked slowly with melted cream cheese sauce and very tasty, very succulent scallops that bounced into the mouth literally. The dish was delicious on its own, and even though they used saffron rice in place of arborio rice, the longer grains actually gave the dish a rather refreshing taste.

Priscilla* had the Market Fish, seasoned and grilled serve with mixed Bean Stew and Petit Vegetable. The fish was fresh, and grilled to perfection as the outside was golden and taut (not hard) yet the flesh within was tender and springy. The mysterious brown sauce added a savoury tinge to the otherwise rather subtly-flavored dish. It was a good choice on her part, as well. Her daughter, Candace* liked the fish too (yes, her cute toddler girl came along too).

We shared desserts of Salted Caramel Cheesecake after meal, when I had an English Breakfast tea as well. The cake was divine, heavenly - rich creamy fluffy all in one, conglomerating together in harmony to melt into the mouth seamlessly. The blends of sweet and saltiness was invigorating, and the texture of the cake was soft but creamily firm. I loved it. 

We spent SGD$50.00 each on our lunch, loved the food and breezy ambience and open hospitality - will definitely be back for more.

Sadly, as it was a weekday we did not see any wandering horses around the tracks, so after lunch we brought Candace* over to the stables whee she saw some white and brown horses. They're such magnificent and adorable creatures, though the smell was a little strong.

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