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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

High Society Cafe & Restaurant

High Society Cafe & Restaurant is a very elegantly-furnished cafe / restaurant with hints of Old World Charm and contemporary beauty - think, thick red velvet drapes, black-and-white tiled floors, white-washed walls and tablecloths, big bold chandeliers and monochrome paintings. It could even be described as a little "gothic", but in a classy manner.

I visited both outlets for both dinners and teas before; the addresses are:
2 Bayfront Avenue, #B2-47 / 48 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018956, tel: 6688 7522;
9 Scotts Road #01-03 / #02-15 Pacific Plaza Singapore 228210, tel: 6238 7254

I love this place immensely, for the beautiful ambience, friendly service and great music playing through the day / night. The tasteful High Society music - mixtures of an assortment of Lounge and World music in different exotic languages - adds to the enigma of this cafe / restaurant.

Be it for dating, chilling out between friends or even functions, this place offers a superb setting to suit every occasion - simply let down your hair, lay back on one of those cushy armchairs and let the music bring you to exotic places you never thought you would be transported to.


The Clam Chowder, while generously filled with baby clams and tastes delicious of a rich creamy soup base, I thought the soup was a little too thick. It was almost gooey / gluey in its thickness.

I also tried the Dark Chocolate Tart - with a crispy, gently-tough crust guarding a rich fortress of delicious chocolate within. Within the crispy wall of chocolate crusts, lay soft and bittersweet-sweet goodness that melted in the mouth. I rather liked this dessert.

Teas and wine are a must, at a lovely joint as such.

Apologies that I neglected to snap photos of the Duck Confit that I had for dinner one of the nights. I usually enjoy good duck confits, but the one I had in question - was a tad rough and dry, from skin to flesh. Plus, the carrot puree they spread over the confit had a rather "acquired" taste to it - thick, somewhat sweet, but the taste reminded me of melted crayons literally. Yes, it was that kind of taste -took me a long time to figure out what it was, so I asked for the menu to look. I ate the rest of the rather tasty confit without touching the sauce afterwards.

Overall, the dining experiences were always made pleasant by the service and ambience in themselves. As for food-wise I guess I may still need to keep an open mind, perhaps try something else before I decide if I like the food here overall. My usual spending there ranged between SGD$20.00 - SGD$40.00, depending on whether I was having drinks, desserts or meal.

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