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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Hard Work Rewards Everyone

Talk Shop After Office Hours
So are we talking about work after office hours here?

Well, yes, in a way, we all know that hard work gets us to most places. We reap what we sow - so if we did not put in the efforts to reap to begin with, what is there to sow eventually?

No, I am not going to argue that we should not "merely work hard" but we should "work smart" etc. Yes, that rings true too, but there is no free lunch in this world - you work hard for something always, whether through blood, sweat or sex.

Even Thomas Alva Edison said before, that "Genius is one per-cent inspiration and ninety-nine per-cent perspiration". Go figure.

But worry not, today we are talking about working hard to better other aspects of our lives.

Selfish Trickery
Firstly, do you recall the ex-classmates who always claimed that "Oh, I didn't bother to study, was up playing computer games the whole night!" and then voila - scored full marks for a tough exam?

No, we are not saying here that there are no true geniuses or intelligent people as such - we are sure that there is a very small percentage of people who really do not need to study much, yet score brilliantly. Their brains just work a little differently, or they absorb knowledge better.

But, most of the times, the more someone claims that they did not put in efforts or revise their work, are probably the ones who secretly burn the most amout of midnight oil, highlighted their textbooks till the pages had holes, and drew the most mind-maps for all subjects. They are just too proud to admit that they are nerdy or not as smart as they ought to  be, hence they claim that they did not study to achieve good results.

Either that, or they're so smart they deliberately, and selfishly trick you into believing that they did not study, so that you would relax, too, and fare far worse than them in your own examinations.

The same thing happens everywhere, really.

The best dancer in the troupe, who claims that she did not practice much, yet does a splendid job during the competition or performance... oh well, she's either the one percent naturally-gifted dancer, or she lied about her lack of practice.

The best salesperson in the company, who claims that he did not make much calls or visitations to his clients, yet tops the chart every single month - believe me, he has been going around providing excellent service and honing his persuasion skills - he just does not admit it. He is afraid that you would be doubly-diligent, and soon outperform him.

Don't blame them - selfishness is a part of human nature. Selfishness and insecurity.

Maintenance of Looks
Likewise, for looks and youth. Have you ever looked at someone with envy and asked them, "How do you stay looking so young?" or "How do you remain so slim?"

The only answer they always toss you is, "Oh, I think it's natural... I didn't really do anything ....."

Do you really believe this?


They just do not want to concede to you the number of hours they spend at the gym, their fats-free diets, or the amount of anti-anging creams / serums etc that they pile on their faces!

Women are selfish, they do not want someone looking better than them.

It is common sense to note that no one remains slim after gorging themselves on unhealthy food all the time, sits in front of the TV immediately after meals, and totally do not exercise.

Unless they are bulimic or stick figures? There are girls I know who are skinny no matter how much they eat, but that's only a handful? If it is a breeze to remain svelte without doing anything, why do US models become anorexic and why do Chinese models swallow tape worms into their stomaches to remain thin?

As the famous saying goes, "no pain, no gain".

Plump girls begin to feel embittered by such callous remarks, and in turn blame their genes. They continue to feast on fried chicken and sweets, since to them, "genes" are circumstances that they cannot chance, hence no matter how they may try, their size would still be large.

How come no one enlightened them that with some exercise, proper diet and maybe meals replacement, these bigger ladies have a chance of slimming down and feeling more confident too? Why do they have to remain obese and self-conscious, or spend a fortune paying slimming centres to enlighten them the same?

Plain Janes begin to feel inferior when they believe that they cannot look attractive no matter what, since they are born with less-than-stellar features i.e. no huge doe-eyes, no pouty lips, no porcelain smooth or sharp nose / chin.

So they either allow themselves to remain plain, or spend a bomb on cosmetic surgeries.

The gorgeous girls would never admit that they spend hours enhancing their eyes and lashes, spend hours creating the illusion of high cheekbones and sharp noses, spend hours concealing flaws on their skin and spend hours glossing their hair.

Why should they admit that they are less beautiful than they want people to see them as? No one in the right mind draws attention to their own imperfections unnecessarily.

They fear that their own beauty would be overshadowed by someone else with better makeup techniques than themselves. Hence, they fail to remind their plainer counterparts that the popular saying goes, "There are no ugly women in this world; only lazy women"...

Ending Note
Spend some efforts and money to go for a makeover, learn from the makeup artistes and seek their guidance on how to put on makeup expertly. Go for grooming courses if need be, to learn how to dress better, as well.

Start on a light exercise regime - Yoga, swimming, taking walks or jogging; nothing strenuous or too extreme is required. Watch the diet - eat more fruits and vegetables; opt for steamed meat instead of fried stuff, avoid the sweets and chips.

Build up your confidence slowly, through these changes.

Invest in a good anti-aging or face-lifting creams. Balance your mind, laugh more and continue to look youthful.

Remember, diligence is the key to attaining one's goals. Do not be tricked to believe that slacking brings results, or that you should remain status quo just because you were not born with certain qualities. Work towards your goals; your efforts will eventually pay off handsomely.

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