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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Dinner at Enoteca L'Operetta

Another night of Italian dinner - this time, we try out this pretty little Italian joint situated along Boat Quay itself, Enoteca L'Operetta.

The restaurant offers both indoor and alfresco dining- both decorated in pure whites. Dazzling to the eyes, for sure, and brings out the simple elegance of the restaurant. Enoteca L'Operetta is located at 78, 79 Boat Quay, Singapore 049866, the number to dial for reservations is 6438 2482.

Lovely European decorations indeed, from outdoors to indoors. Never a fan of white color,  ebut I must admit that this time, I am dazzled - the place looks so sparkling clean and pretty. The staff are friendly and polite, and I would say, rather efficient as all our requests were attended to without preamable.

We started off with bread starters dipped with olive oil. Mind you, the bread was so pulpy soft we were tempted to ask for second helpings.

Then the Hokkaido Scallops in a tomato-cheese sauce arrived just after we'd polished off the delicious bread. Succulent fresh scallops cooked in the savoury-sweet blend gravy made for a great combination. The dish was cooked in a pot that retained its heat, so that the scallops were always piping hot and just fabulous to the mouth.

The entrees came next.

First, it was the Ravioli Stuffed with Veal. The ravioli here are shaped in tiny rectangles, and I loved it on sight. The sandy taste of the cheese coupled with the very, very soft and yummy veal - the ravioli practically melts in the mouth! - made us realize instantly that we had made the right choice.

As if this wasnt enough, the Risotto with Black Pork was another amazing concotion of arborio rice, tasty gravy and tiny pieces of black pork, all cooked to perfection - sticky, chewy, bursting with flavors. This dish is a keeper!

After satiating our appetite with delicious savoury food dishes, we settled for some sweets now.

The dessert on the left is the Black Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice-Cream. Think, moistly-velvety, bittersweet pastry paired with cold, sweet sensation... Yes, this was exactly it. The feeling was divine. 

The dessert on the right is the Chocolate Fondant (with hot lava chocolate fudge oozing from the centre when speared) and strawberry sorbet. Another wondrously paired tastebud-teasers between sweet and sour hot and cold. Yes, the desserts were running hot and cold in our mouths literally, how not to love this?

Overall, this was a very pleasant dining experience again. The ambience makes it perfect for dating couples to enjoy a quiet evening out, or friends to explore great and innovative Italian cuisine together.  The location is superb too, easy to locate - after dinner, one could go for drinks in the vicinity or for walks along the romantic Singapore River.

We spent SGD$60.00 per person on this delectable meal.

They have another two outlets at Icon Village (Tanjong Pagar) and Tanjong Katong respectively, but different themes, I believe.  You may obtain more information from their websites.

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