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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Dinner at DB Moderne Bistro

Marina Bay Sands Shoppes was another one of my favorite haunts shortly after it opened, because it is a beautiful place with many interesting new restaurants / tea lounges. Also I enjoy the mock-canal and its grandolas inside the mall itself.

This time, I chose to dine at DB Moderne Bistro for French food.  The elegant little restaurant is located at 2 Bayfront Avenue, B1-48 Galleria Levels, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018956 and the contact number is 6688 8528. 

DB stands for the name of the renowned French chef, Daniel Boulud. I love French food anytime, therefore was looking forward to this dining experience at the lovely restaurant complete with good carpeting and a rather lavishly-furnished interior.

We have already browsed the menu online before arriving at the restaurant, so we roughly had an idea of what we wanted to eat. 

After placing our orders, we were served bread rolls to start off. There were whole-grain bread and butter rolls. We helped ourselves to the fragrant, sweet pastries while waiting for our orders to be served. 

The Boston Lobster Salad, complete with sweet gem lettuce, tomato horseradish and celery spicy French dressing was tasty. The portion of lobster was generous - and it was very fresh. We loved how the spicy and sweet flavors played on our tongues. It was definitely a good appetiser to prepare us for the main courses to come next.

The Herb Lame Penne looked interesting. Lightly infused with herbs, the taste was a delicious blend of tender lamb with exotic flavor of herb cooked with soft penne. The lamb was cut into small pieces making it easy for chewing, and the penne soaked up the rich goodness of the herbs, so the dish overall boosts of a tantalizing union of quality ingredients.

The Duck Confit was a winner. It came with roasted onion and roasted potatoes, but the duck itself was outstandingly tender. The taste was heavenly, coupled with the tenderness of the duck meat, it was good. We were surprised, for most duck confit we'd tried were dry and crispy. The gravy was delicious as well.

After a satisfactory dinner, we ordered desserts.

The Profiteroles (chocolate puffs) served with hot chocolate sauce, maple syrup and pecan ice-cream, was tasty. Dessert-art, not much, for French standard, but the smoothness of the pastry was notably impressive. Eaten with pecan ice-cream, this dessert definitely satiates our cravings for good after-dinner sweets.

However, the Mignardises was disappointing - on the menu, it was stated to be an assortment of macarons and bonbons. However, when it came, it was just 10 balls of madeleine-like pastries. When I questioned the waiter, he said this was how it was (initially I had thought that perhaps they'd given us the wrong order). 

Overall, the service of this place is rather impeccable, and the ambience is comforting in its poshness. This place is ideal for couples to date at, or friends to gather for a delectable French dinner. The dinner crowds arrived late, it seemed, because when we were there at sevenish, the restaurant was rather empty. By eight the diners started to pour in.

We spent SGD$80.00 per person, and every cent was well worth it (okay, perhaps not the last dessert, but the overall experience is good).

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