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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Dinner at DB Moderne Bistro (again)

I have blogged about DB Moderne Bistro before, some entries back, here.  I don't usually repeat reviews about the same restaurant, but a recent visit back there to celebrate a birthday made me think I need to post another review, since this time, the food items ordered were different, and it was a different experience.

So, here I am, back at Daniel Boulad (DB) Modern Bistro located at 2 Bayfront Avenue, #B1-48 Galleria Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018956, and the number to get connected is 6688 8528.

This time, we were seated at the other side of the restaurant. See, the right side of the restaurant is relatively prettier, warmer and more elegant in its interior decoration, complete with decorative ceiling lamps, art pieces adorning the walls, and dark wood furniture complete with red upholsery. This side provides a more initimate, private, quieter environment ideal for dating couples. 

The left side of the restaurant is brightly-decorated with white tablecloths and boosts of a more vibrant atmosphere - they tend to seat guests there first.

Service was still as attentive and friendly as ever.

There was a bread basket filled with three types of delicious French bread to start us off, and their smooth, lightly-salted butter. I love the softness of the squares of bread, spread thickly with their butter.

Our Winter Salad-  comprising of endives, green apple chunks, pomegranate, Manchego cheese slices, hazelnuts and shallot vinaigrette - was a great appetizer for sure. It had all the four representations of flavors - sweet, sour, salty, bitterish and er.... no spiciness. But it was lovely, gentle on the tongue like petals, an assortment of quality foods tossed together to tease the tastebuds.

The entrées were served upon us finishing our salad. 

First, we had the Red Wine Braised Beef "Paleron" - tender pieces of delicious beef gently braised in a tasty black truffle sauce complete with parsnips and brandied chestnuts. Yes, tenderness was absolute, and the meat practically melted in the mouths while the sweetish truffle sauce accompanied well on the side.

Then the Duck Confit, complete with brussels sprouts marmalade, roasted potatoes, grilled sweet onions and Natural Jus.  It was divine the last time I tasted it, and it was still superb now. Very crispy skin to whet one's appetite, and when one gets under the skin, the tenderness of the duck meat was almost a surprise. Taste-wise, hints of saltiness coupled with the well-blended flavors of the Jus that danced on the tongues.  This dish is a keeper for sure.

When we realized that they - unlike other restaurants of their range and above - were not going to serve complimentary desserts for the ones celebrating birthdays or special occasions, we decided to order one of their interesting-looking desserts to try.

Oh well, at least they were thoughtful enough to endorse the magical words onto the dessert plate with chocolate syrup. And yes,  no embarrassing "Happy Birthday" songs sung by the waitresses too, thanks.

Anyway, here is the Durian "Royale" Souffle with Mangosteen Sorbet. What an interesting tropical concoction; and this was the first time we tried Mangosteen ice creams - sweet with hints of sourness, but nonetheless extremely refreshing. It looked like a hard-boiled egg at first sight. The warm durian souffle was done in a soft, light puff that was easy to cut open without sending flakes all over the plate / table. The durian paste within was warmly delicious, and done very subtly. To the Asian-durian lovers, they may find this mildness rather bland, but I feel it is done just nicely enough for the Expat diners to experience light hints of durian's aroma, but not to be overwhelmed by the strength of the flavor.

For this meal, we spent SGD$70.00 per person.

This is a lovely French outlet for a quietly delicious dinner in a pretty setting. I would definitely return again, for their Duck Confit especially.

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