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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Chilling Out at Dubliner Irish Pub

Set in a Colonial-style building and emitting the traditional charm of an English pub right down to its interior furnishing and paintings, Dubliner Irish Pub transforms you into another part of the world, whether you choose to sit outdoors on on high tables indoors. On weekends, one may be very much entertained by the live band performance; on weekdays, one may be very much pacificed by the quiet, undisturbed environment. 

The exact location is 165 Penang Road, Singapore 238461 and to get in touch, dial 6735 2220. 

I have been here for dates, chilling out with friends and business discussions before. The service crew are usually friendly and efficient. Patrons usually come here to relax, gather, watch soccer or engaged in soft conversations.

Whether one is having drinks or discussion at Dubliner's Irish Pub, this quaint European bar offers the ideal location for a composed, insouciant night of unwinding. In fact, even in the daytime, there are patrons sitting on the high bar stools or outdoor seats enjoying a cold beer or two, as well.

The drinks are not pricey as well. Wine, beer and bottles of spirits aside, they always take the trouble to decorate the cocktails and mixers beautifully - see above examples of my Mojitos, Long Island Tea and Strawberry Daiquiri, all adorned with fruits fruits to enhance the colors.

I usually spend around SGD$15.00 a drink here.

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