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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Butler Sky Dining (private capsule) - Singapore Flyer

All right, after sky dining in a cable car, let us now look at Butler Sky Dining (private capsule) in a giant Ferris Wheel - Singapore Flyer. The World's Largest Observation Wheel is located at 30 Raffles Avenue, Sinagapore 039803 and the number to dial is 6333 3311.

It was exciting to anticipate, no doubt - imagine dinner in a private capsule, being offered prestigious views of the city from 360 degrees - a private, exclusive and memorable event for sure.

This is a dated entry as I was there last year, 2012, as part of an incentive reward with some colleagues, for attaining certain targets. Hence, do focus on the experience and not the food items alone, all right?

Prior to boarding, we enjoyed sparkling wines or mocktails at the Flyer Lounge. We were supposed to gather at 7.00pm sharp, but anyway we had express boarding. Dinner would last for an hour - meaning, 2 rotations of the Wheel.

Our very own capsule came, lined with white table cloth, looking like a classy restaurant caught in space. The polite staff came to ensure we were comfortable, and then served us  Pumpkin Soup *in a cup) and Salad. We were busy chattering away, and admiring the stimulating night views that slowly changed with every upward ascend of our capsule. 

The soup was hot and tasty, though a little sweet for my personal preference. I had no complaints about the fresh salad.

We went around taking photos of the night scenes and with each other. After the first rotation, our main course of Fish Pasta was being served - scumptious spaghetti cooked in cream sauce and accentuated by tender fish fillet. A glass of house wine was being served with main course as well.

Desserts came next - chocolate truffle cake - something I enjoyed alot, and tea or coffee.

Overall, it was a delectable four-course meal with quality food and rather good service. The winning points were really the total privacy offered in an exclusive, elegant setting, enchanting views and great dinner companions.

The two major downsides were :
(i) The serving time was not well-paced, we felt. They allowed us 30 minutes to slowly finish our soup and salad, which was a little too much time (at least in comparison to main course and dessert) - we felt there was a lag so we filled in the gap by taking more photos and chatter. Yet, during the second rotation, they rushed our main course, wine and desserts. Many of us ended up not taking the tea or coffee as there was no time to.

(ii) I was extremely displeased at one point when I came back from taking a photograph with a colleague to find my dinner plate cleared. I was saving the best for the last-  my shrimp was left on my plate and I was about to devour it when my colleague asked to take a picture together. So I stood up to oblige - and returned to find the service crew had removed my plate without even checking if I was done!

Other than that, the overall experience was fabulous. All of us enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

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